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The HomeKit how-to guide is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips, tricks, and everything to do with Apple’s smart home app and HomeKit framework. In Episode 8, we will look at how to create scene’s in the Home App for HomeKit.

Scenes are useful to control multiple HomeKit accessories at once with just a single tap or by asking Siri. You can use senses to enable a movie night, or in my case, to turn on my lights in my YouTube studio room.

How to create an automation in the Home app.

Open the Home app within your iOS device.

Navigate to the Automation tab.

Press the + in the top right corner of the screen.

Choose the automation you want.

Options are;
People arrive.
People leave.
A time of day occurs.
An accessory is controlled.
A sensor detects something.

Choose “A time of day occurs.”

Select the day and time.

Select the right time using the wheel.
Then Select the Specific Days that you want the automation to run.
You can also go down another level and alter settings for when people or home or away.

Click next.

Now Choose which accessories or scenes you’d like to control with this automation.

Click next.

Long press the accessories in your automation to change their states when activated.

For instance, you can have blinds lower at night.

Click done.

So now you have your first automation setup within HomeKit. You can now experiment with the various other options for automating your HomeKit accessories. If you want some inspiration, checkout how to create a HomeKit Floodlight.

You can follow this article for a handy how to set up automations within the Home App for more information.

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  1. I would like to create an automation that runs on my HomePod at a specific time of day and on specific days of the week. Would like for the HomePod to speak text that I can provide. I am unsure how to go about making this happen.

    Backstory: Spent multiple years as a Dependant of an active duty service member and also on active duty myself and would like for HomePod to announce Revellie each morning when I have to wake up. If I can get it to work I would put it on my HomePod.


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