How to fix HomePod stuck in configuring status

HomePod reset

The new HomePod started shipping to customers last week with some users experiencing issues with the HomePod stuck in configuring status within the Home App.

While this can happen to any HomePod from time to time and a simple reset normally fixes this. In the case of the new HomePod, it may be related to it being shipped with version 16.0 firmware. So when a user try’s to add a new HomePod with other devices running 16.3, then then it will just get stuck in configuring mode.

I personally experienced this issue with one of my new HomePods stuck in configuration status and found a solution that appeared to work on Reddit.

Create a temporary home in the Home App

  •  Reset HomePod
    • Take out the plug for 10 seconds,
    • Plug it back in and wait 10 seconds
    • The HomePod top panel will swirl while now hold your finger on the top until it turns red
    • Siri will then warn you the HomePod will reset and beep 3 times
    • Release your finger and the HomePod will resetHomePod reset
  • Now create a new, empty, additional home in the Home app: “Test” with “Test room”
    • Open the Home App
    • Tap the icon with the 3 dots in the top right
    • Tap Home Settings
    • Then tap Homes in the top left
    • Tap Add Home
    • Then follow the steps to setup a temporary homeTemp Home in the Home App
  • Now add the HomePod to the test Home. It may take a couple of hours for the HomePod to configure
  • Once the HomePod completes configuring mode, update the firmware to software version 16.3 via the software section in the Home App
    • Open the Home App
    • Tap the icon with the 3 dots in the top right
    • Tap Home Settings
  • Remove HomePod from the temporary home and reset it
    • Open the Home App
    • Tap on the HomePod icon
    • Scroll down to settings
    • Then tap reset homePod and then Remove Accessory
  • Re-add HomePod in your original home
  • Delete the temporary home
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This method worked for me, although it took a couple of hours for the HomePod to come out of configuration mode. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.


  1. I had the same situation which stuck at configuration and couldn’t completed my new homepod(2nd gen) set up. Homekit is at new architecture and ios is 16.3
    Able to perform set up as per this article said.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Worked for me, but when I removed the HomePod and then added it to the main home profile, it still failed to configure again. I ended up starting fresh, adding the HomePod first, then once it configured, I added the other HomePods to the profile. Seems to work now.

    I’d talked to Apple support previously. They had me remove the developer profile from my iPhone and wait 24 hours for the HomePod to configure. It never happened. They basically said bring it in to an Apple Store to see if it’s a hardware issue and if it wasn’t they’d raise the ticket to engineering to explore further.

  3. I bought two new HomePod 2’s and one was stuck in configuring mode. I tried this technique, but no luck. After 24 hours, I decided to return it for a new replacements. This new replacement does that same thing! Such I bummer. I’m not sure what to do now.

  4. My HomePod is being configured for a really long time now (about 6 hours). The software on it is 15.6

    Is this long time a usual occurrence?

    I’m worried.

  5. THANK YOU for this solution. I received two new HomePods, both with 16.0 software. I had the eternal configuring problem. I talked to four Apple Support folks, two Senior Advisors. Lots of reading from support pages, lots of collecting information (modem firmware, router firmware, IP, Internet service provider, collecting and uploading logs, screenshots, etc.). No resolution, just “we will call in one week to see what the engineers say.”

    I followed your solution, setting up from factory reset using my wife’s iPhone and AppleID. Everything went perfectly, and within 45 minutes I had them set up as a stereo pair working with my AppleTV.

  6. I had to do a combination of all of these ideas.
    1. Used Ipad with no Beta Software
    2. Removed existing iCloud Accounts from ipad
    3. Created a new icloud account with no devices
    4. Created a new Home and New Room
    5. Reset Homepod
    6. Followed the normal setup instruction.

    After doing this I was able to get the Homepod to a place where I could update the software from 16, I was then able to reset and move to my real icloud and home accounts.

  7. I too was stuck in configuring mode with one of my OG HomePods. I read on reddit that mesh WIFI could be the problem, so I moved the HomePod close to the main router (not one of the child nodes). Reset the HomePod and it configured almost instantly. Moved the HomePod back to its original location and have had no problems since.

  8. I had same issue. Tried all above and then had a brainstorm:
    Reset HomePod.
    Waited for the “DUUUUUN”.
    Unplugged it.
    Plugged into usbc port on computer.
    Opened iTunes,
    HomePod flashed orange.
    Showed up in iTunes, pressed reset HomePod button.
    It downloaded 2+gb update and reset to new version.
    Shouldn’t be this difficult, but at least it’s now fixed!!!


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