Ikea release HomeKit support for its smart blinds, again

Ikea smart blinds homekit support

It looks like Ikea has released HomeKit support for its smart blinds according to a Reddit post. The roll out appears to be worldwide with multiple users confirming that there Tradfri gateway has received an update to 1.10.29.

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Ikea previously released HomeKit support just over 3 weeks ago in the US for its smart blinds. However, after 2 weeks of silence and no further rollout to the rest of the world, Ikea halted its HomeKit updated citing technical issues.

While Ikea has not formally confirmed the HomeKit rollout, but based on confirmations from multiple users from Various countries. It now looks like the roll out is official and appears to be stable.

To get the update to enable HomeKit support for the smart blinds, you need to go to the update section in the Ikea Home Smart app. If the update is not showing, users report that unplugging the Tradfri hub will force the update. Once you Tradfri hub has been updated to 1.10.29, your Ikea smart blinds will appear in the Home App.

Obviously I will keep you updated with any further developments. You can also read the Ikea smart blinds review and an hands-on with HomeKit support. Don’t forget to subscribe for more information on Homekit goodness. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.


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