Ikea affordable Homekit blinds available in more countries and online

Ikea affordable HomeKit smart blinds have been available in most EU countries for sometime, both in store and online. But until recently Ikea has only stocked them in US Ikea stores. However, that has all changed with the smart blinds being available online for delivery. It is also all good news for Australian Homekit users, as the blinds are now available down-under.

Now the Ikea blinds are available online, this is good news as you can’t visit an IKEA store right now because of the pandemic. First spotted by 9to5Mac. They start at $129 for a 23×76 3/4” blind and scale up to $179 if you need a 48×76 3/4” model in the US. It’s also worth mentioning that the US still only has the FYRTUR Black version available, but Australia gets the FYRTUR and the KADRILJ which is a see-through blind, which start at $219 AU dollar.

If you want to use HomeKit, then you will need the Ikea TRADFRI gateway to get things connected. You also need the gateway to use the blinds with the Ikea Home Smart app. However, you can use them with the dedicated remote if you don’t need HomeKit support.

The Ikea smart blinds have been a bumpy journey, both in terms of stock availability and HomeKit support. When I first reviewed them, I was not impressed with the setup process. However, during my long term Ikea smart blinds review, I can now recommend them as affordable HomeKit blinds.

You can check out the full range for the US here and AU here. Don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit News. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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Jon Ratcliffe
Jon Ratcliffe
I have a huge passion for technology having worked in the sector for over 18 years in a variety of roles. I write for active JR covering wearables and smart home My reviews and information will talk about how the product works in reality and not just what the marketing departments want you to think.


  1. …and in typical IKEA fashion, they want a small FORTUNE to ship these. I added one to my cart to see how much they would charge to ship to me (I’m in the continental U.S.), and delivery charges were $199!

  2. I saw that they were available to ship last week and tried to order two 38” blinds and the shipping was $99.

    Other Homekit device vendors should should use this product as a lesson on how not to release a product.


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