Ikea smart blinds HomeKit support now live

Spotted by a Reddit user, it would appear Ikea has started to rollout support for HomeKit to its popular smart blinds, FRYTUR and KADRILJ. This is following the companies promise to bring support for Apple’s smart home platform in the fall of 2019.

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Hands on with HomeKit support for Ikea smart blinds

After testing myself I can confirm that the Ikea smart blinds support HomeKit and are showing within the app following an Tradfri hub update to 1.10.28. However, it would appear this is a phased rollout with the US getting support first. As I am based in the UK, I was not getting an option to update, but as soon as I connected my hub via a US VPN, the update started via the Ikea Home smart app.

In order to get HomeKit support on your Ikea smart blinds, you need the following firmware updates;

  • Gateway: 1.10.28
  • Blinds: 2.2.009
  • Remote: 2.2.010

Despite the battery level information being exposed to HomeKit. It looks like Ikea has chosen not too. Although if you are a user of the Homebridge platform, then you can get this information via the Ikea plugin.

Ikea smart blinds HomeKit update

The Ikea smart blinds pricing starts at £90/$129 and come in 2 models. The FYRTUR which is a blackout blind available in the US, Canda, EU and UK. The 2nd is the KADRILJ which is a shade version, that is not available in the US and Canada. Both versions of the smart blinds are Battery operated and work on the Zigbee protocol.

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