Ikea STARKVIND smart air purifier may support HomeKit




Following Ikea announcing the Starkvind smart air purifier’s, I followed up with the Ikea PR team to confirm if the new devices would support HomeKit. The answer received is yes, however you will need a Tradfri gateway to make it all work with Apple’s smart home platform.

The Starkvind smart air purifier will come in two models, the first being a standalone unit and a side table version. Ikea will ship the Starkvind side table model in either a black and dark wood finish or a white and natural wood finish.Ikea Starkvind standalone unit

Both models will allow control via a panel on the air purifier themselves. Ikea has said that users will be able to link to the IKEA Home smart app via the TRÅDFRI gateway. This will users to control them, monitor air quality, and switch between normal, boost, and standby modes. The Ikea app will also send out notifications when it’s time to replace the filters and order them directly.Ikea Starkvind air purifier filter

There are five manual speeds, support rooms up to 215 square feet. The PM2.5 particle filter that’s suppled with both models has a CADR of 260 m3/h at the maximum fan speed. However with an optional gas filter this drops the CADR to 240 m3/h. Ikea says the noise level, is between 24 and 53 dB, depending on fan speed.

HomeKit air purifier

In addition to support HomeKit, Ikea has said it will work with Google and Amazon smart home platforms. However, I would caution readers that HomeKit support was promised for the Tradfri smart blinds and support didn’t arrive until several months later. This was despite numerous confirmations from Ikea PR and Twitter support support would be from launch.

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Sales of the IKEA STARKVIND will begin in October 2021 in the US. The STARKVIND table will be $189, while the standalone STARKVIND air purifier will be $129. Pricing for the two filters will be confirmed closer to launch.

Update – 

STARKVIND air purifier: €99 / UK £99 STARKVIND air purifier table: €149 / UK £150 STARKVIND filter for particle removal: €9.99 / UK £9 STARKVIND filter for gas cleaning: €14.99 / UK £15

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