Ikea Tradfri lights can now be added to the Gateway without a steering device

Ikea Home smart

Back in 2019, Ikea told the Verge that it would allow Tradfri smart home devices to be added to the gateway without a steering device. Fast forward almost 2 years, that promise has been delivered for its Tradfri light range.

Previously users of Ikea Home Smart would need to pair devices to the Ikea Tradfri gateway using a steering device, such as a remote of motion sensor. But now that has changed and users can now add Tradfri smart lights and drivers to the gateway with no steering device needed. Although, technically, the Ikea STARKVIND air purifier was the first device to support this change.

This change to how users onboard Ikea devices should be a welcome improvement. Hopefully, we will see other devices light the Ikea control outlet receive this update in the future.

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