Its all about Matter for Eve Home at CES 2023

Eve Home, the privacy focused smart home company, is all about Matter at CES 2023. The company has announced that out of the box, Matter versions of its Eve Door & Window, Eve Energy and Eve Motion with Matter arrive in retail at the end of Q1. An Upgrade Kit for existing roller blinds and new motorisation options for Honeycomb and Venetian blinds expands Eve MotionBlinds category.

Matter ready out of the box

The first announcement by Eve Home, they will ship out of the box Matter ready: Eve Door and Window, Eve Energy, and Eve Motion this quarter. These smart home devices offer an instant connection with all four major smart home platforms with no over–the–air firmware update.

Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems, said “A fast-mover on Matter, Eve was among the first to offer free over-the-air Matter updates for existing devices,” “Now, Eve will be one of the first to offer Matter right out of the box, delivering on the new standard’s promise to finally bring simplicity, reliability, interoperability and security to your smart home.”Eve Matter out of the box

The Matter-ready Eve Door & Window, Eve Energy and Eve Motion will be available starting March 28th from, Amazon and the Apple Store. Customers can get Eve Energy for $39.95 (US). Eve Motion and Eve Door and Window are available at a price of $49.95 (US).

Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds

Following the launch of the Eve MotionBlinds last year, Eve is now massively expanding with the Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds. The retrofit solution enhances basic roller blinds everywhere with Thread technology that are able to be controlled with Apple Home and the Eve App.Eve MotionBLinds upgrade kit

Eve says that the MotionBlinds upgrade kit can be easily installed with no wiring or technical know-how. Included are mounting brackets, covers and a set of adapters that make the motors fit into a wide range of roller blind tubes.

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Like the original versions, the MotionBlinds are battery powered and should last up to a year with regular use. Charging is via charge it via its built-in USB-C port. Like the other models of the MotionBlinds, they can connect via Thread and Bluetooth and work with Apple Home and Eve App.

Starting on March 28th, the Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit for Roller Blinds will be available from for $199.95 (US).

Eve MotionBlinds Options for Honeycomb & Venetian

Expanding the range, the Eve MotionBlinds for Honeycomb is a multi-functional motor for high-performing cellular shades with excellent insulating properties, contributing to optimal thermal and acoustic comfort while the horizontal lines of the fabrics create a desirable modern effect.Eve MotionBLinds Honeycomb

Eve MotionBlinds for Venetian is designed for both tilting and lifting wood and aluminum blinds; a timeless classic that lets you play with light and create any desired level of privacy.

Like the other models of the MotionBlinds, they can connect via Thread and Bluetooth and work with Apple Home and Eve App.

Eve MotionBlinds for Honeycomb and Venetian blinds will be available in the U.S., starting March 28th, from and

Matter support for Eve MotionBlinds

Eve also announced it is working towards releasing a Matter firmware update for all Eve MotionBlinds products in late Q1. The original Eve MotionBlinds for Roller Blinds product, launched in collaboration with Coulisse at CES 2022, passed Matter certification in December and will be available later this quarter.

To take advantage of Matter Over Thread, you need a Thread Border Router such as the HomePod Mini or the Apple TV 4K.

Eve MotionBLinds upgrade matter

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