Keymitt push with HomeKit to launch at the end of January

Keymitt, which announced its smart lock in 2019, is already set to release a new product. The Keymitt Push is a robotic button pusher with HomeKit and Siri support will launch at the end of January.

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The Push is like another device called the SwitchBot. However, the main difference between the two is that the SwitchBot only works with Siri Shortcuts. Whilst the Keymitt Push will get full, HomeKit compatible, but it will still need the company’s Wifi hub.

The device uses Bluetooth to communicate with the hub and acts as a button to work with your intercom, switch and even your coffee machine. With 1.6kgf of torque, it can push any button. So, if you’ve got anything that works by being pressed, make it smarter with this device.Keymitt Push HomeKit

As it’s exposed to HomeKit, it should work in the same way as a button and allow you to smartly control dumb devices. This means you can control the Push with the Home app on iOS and Siri voice commands.

The company is offering a preorder price of €48.99 or you can buy a Keymitt Smart Lock, Wifi Hub and Push bundle for €228.99 down from €270. You can pre order on the company’s website today with shipping towards the end of January.

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