Tuesday, September 22, 2020

LG backtracks on HomeKit support for its 2018 TV lineup

In April, LG indicated in a support document that it planned to add ‌AirPlay‌ 2 and ‌HomeKit‌ support to some of its 2018 smart TVs by October 2020. Which was welcome news as LG had originally stated they would only update the firmware to enable HomeKit and AirPlay2 support for TV’s 2019 onwards.

However, as first spotted by MacRumours it now looks like LG has backtracked on that promise after confirming via its official UK Twitter account to a user. With LG UK confirming that it has no plans to support pre-2019 TV models with either AirPlay2 or HomeKit.

This Tweet has resulted in anger from many twitter users calling out LG for this obvious backtrack. With one user stating Very disappointed to hear this considering your own website stated we would get this update at some point this year.

When LG first confirmed that HomeKit and AirPlay2 would not be coming to 2018 TV’s. It resulted in petition with over 22,000 LG TV owners calling for the company to add the support. When the company updated its support page with 2018 listed and an October date, users believed that the company was finally listening.

However, sadly, it looks like neither AirPlay‌ 2 nor HomeKit will come to the 2018 line of LG TV’s.

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