Lightwave Smart Relay Controller with HomeKit support

Lightwave smart mini relay controller

Smart home lighting and socket manufacturer Lightwave has announced a Smart Relay Controller. The new smart product will allow users to remote control of volts free or mains electrical circuits. As with its other products, the Smart Relay Controller will be HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa compatible.

Last year I reviewed the Lightwave lighting and smart power socket products and found them to be good, although on the expensive side. However, the latest offering appears to be reasonably priced at £49.95 and could turn several household devices smart.

The Lightwave Smart Mini Relay allows for the remote control of volts free or mains electrical circuits. This means you could control automatic gate openers, doors and lighting circuits using the Lightwave app. Besides controlling via the app, you can also operate using HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

You can also use the Lightwave Smart Mini Relay Relay outdoors by utilising the Lightwave LW824 Waterproof Housing. You could then control outdoor features such as garden lighting and pond pumps.

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The Lightwave smart mini relay controller will be available from October 1st, and will sell in the UK for £49.95. The Smart Mini Relay is available for pre-order from Lightwave’s own site.

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