Linksys Velop HomeKit support roll out started




After a false start back in February, Belkin has finally confirmed it will start the roll out of HomeKit support to its of Linksys Velop Tri-Band routers. This update will bring HomeKit Secure Router support which allow users lock down and manage devices on their network.

Although HomeKit is already a fairly secure smart home platform, HomeKit Secure Routers aim to take it one step further. The feature that was first announced at WWDC last year is able to restrict HomeKit devices from connecting to the internet. In addtion, users can also  firewall HomeKit accessories to prevent them from communicating with other devices on the home network.Linksys Velop routers compatible with HomeKit

Linksys Velop routers compatible with HomeKit

Once the firmware update has been installed on a compatible Velop router, uses will be able to activate the feature via the iOS or iPadOS app. Belkin has confirmed the following Velop routers will support HomeKit.

  • A03
  • A0301
  • A0302
  • A0303
  • WHW0301
  • WHW0301B
  • WHW0302
  • WHW0302B
  • WHW0303
  • WHW0303B

Although this is good news that the rollout as started, Belkin confirmed it will be a phased rollout taking place across the United States to start. With a rollout to other countries later down the line. However, Belkin has not confirmed timeframes.

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