Logitech Circle View Review – Everything you need to know

Logitech Circle View review

Logitech has revealed the Circle View to succeed the Circle 2 camera. The new smart camera works exclusively with HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video. Features 1080p lens with 180º FOV, and Night Vision. You can read all about it in our Logitech Circle View review and video to find out everything you need to know.

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I want to point out that Logitech provided the Circle View FOC for the review, but this will not affect my opinion wherever it is positive or critical of the device. You can read more on our review promise and ethics statement.

If you want to find out to win a Logitech Circle View, then check out the YouTube version of this review.

Key features & In the box

  • Price: £159.99 / $159
  • Video resolution up to 1920×1080
  • Works only with HomeKit Secure Video
  • Weatherproofed to IP64. However, the wall charger is indoor only.
  • Field of view: 180 -degree lens
  • Motion detection
  • Sensors: Motion and LUX Light sensor
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • No onboard storage
  • IR night vision: detection up to 15m (50ft)
  • Dimensions: 57mm x 67 mm x 70 mm
  • Weight: 253g

In the box

  • Logitech Circle View camera
  • 10 Foot USB power supply
  • Wall mounting kit, which includes mount plate and screws
  • Quick start guide

Logitech Circle View Review in pictures

Design and features

Logitech has moved away from the white plastic finish of the Circle 2 with a whole new design and premium finish. Circle View features a metal base and matte finish body, although the body it is still made from plastic, but it has a weatherproofed rating of IP64. Overall size is 57mm x 67 mm x 70 mm and weighs in at 253g.Logitech Circle View

The black face of the camera houses the lens which Logitech has named TrueView. It boosts full HD, 180° diagonal field-of-view lens. You also get infrared powered night vision which can make out an object’s up to 4.5m away. An LED strip sits at the top of the camera which lets you know the status of the camera.

Around the back is a 10 foot long power cable that Logitech has fixed to the body with an USB connector on the opposite end. You also find the “privacy” button at the rear, more on that later.Circle View rear

The USB connector plugs into a power block which is a basic white design. This is not weatherproofed like the Circle View. So you will need to to think about placement, if you plan to set up outdoors.Circle View charger

Connectivity is via 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n, although the previous generation Circle 2 supports the 5GHz network. It’s worth pointing out because Logitech designed this camera to work with HomeKit Secure Video only. So, it does not work with the Logi app or subscriptions offered by Logitech. Plus nor does it have any onboard storage.

A little privacy

Logitech has built the Circle View with privacy at its heart, so if you want to block the camera, you can tilt it downwards. But if you want to take it one step further, you use the dedicated privacy button to disable recording of video or audio with one touch.

This feature is particularly handy if you will be using indoors and don’t want to be messing around changing settings within HomeKit each time you want to disable recordings

Logitech Circle View Setup

Unlike the Circle 2 camera, you do not use the Logi App to set up the Camera as it’s all done via Apples Home App. The setup process is fast and straightforward and it involves opening up the Home App, scanning the HomeKit code and then following the rest of the setup process. During the setup process it will give you the option to set up HomeKit Secure Video recording preferences, more on that feature later.

As already mentioned the Circle View has a metal base which allows it to be positioned on a shelf or other surface. You can also angle the camera to suit your preference. If you want to wall-mount it, you have the option with the included mounting kit.Circle view side

I set the Circle View up in my living room for the testing period and found it a little better at getting the right angle over the Circle 2. In addition; I mounted it outside, which involved fitting the mounting bracket and then clipping the Circle View in place. Again, the new design allows it to position a lot easier.

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One minor niggle, I don’t like that the cable is permanently fixed in place. I liked the flexibility of the Circle 2 of being able to position the cradle first.

Video and audio performance

I positioned the camera in my living room for the test period and I found the video quality is reasonable with up to 1920×1080. However, you cannot alter the resolution of the recordings like you can on other smart cameras.Circle View video

The video quality at night is good with the infrared sensor and does a good job of providing clear recordings. Logitech has included a microphone and speaker for two-way audio. The sound quality is a little better than what I have experienced with the Circle 2.Circle View night vision

HomeKit Secure Video

The Logitech Circle View works exclusively with HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video. But to take advantage of HSV you will need a HomeKit hub such as an Apple TV, HomePod or iPad. Plus, you will need one of Apples iCloud plans of 200GB for one camera and 2TB for up to 5 cameras.

For the basics of HomeKit, I can view the camera live stream from the Home app. The camera also features a motion sensor and light LUX sensor that are exposed to HomeKit. However, unlike the Circle 2, no presence detection sensor is found on this camera.

To get the most out of the Circle View you need to use it with HomeKit Secure Video support. This will give you up to 10 days of saved footage and older clips will automatically delete on a rolling basis.

When you first setup or at anytime you need to set what you would like the camera to do with the following options available.

  • “Off”– You cannot view the stream, nor will it record.
  • “Detect Activity”—  Triggering automations or to send notifications. But you cannot view the stream, nor will it record and save to iCloud.
  • “Stream”—You can view the stream, but it will not record. You can use this camera triggering automations or to send notifications.
  • “Stream and allow recording”—You can view the stream and it will record based on your settings. You can also use this camera triggering automations or to send notifications.HSV options

I set the camera to stream and allow recording in both modes. This is because I used the privacy button to disable when I was in the room.

You can also turn the camera status light on and off and toggle the night vision, depending on your preference.

HSV control and playback

Tapping the live camera feed in the Home app will show you the timeline of motion activity recorded at the bottom of the display. Apple has split these into events that help you identify them. These are split into four categories which are people, animals, cars or a generic motion.Circle View timeline

Selecting a clip will playback that clip and I found this responsive and played within seconds. You can also jump to live view to the left of the timeline or play the entire recorded clips using the button to the right of the timeline. If you want to share the clip with family and friends, you can also open up the share sheet with various options presented.

For a full rundown on the capabilities of HomeKit Secure Video, then check out this article.

Logitech Circle View Review Conclusion

The Logitech Circle View is a suitable option for HomeKit users that want to monitor their home. I like the improved design over the Circle 2 and works in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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The quality of recording, while not the best, but is good enough to monitor your home with decent night vision. Although I do not think it’s that much of an improvement over the Circle 2 camera.

I like the built in privacy options from the ability to tilt the camera if you want to block its view. But if you want to take it one step further, the privacy button kills all video and audio recording.Circle View HomeKit

Being a fan of HomeKit Secure Video, this is a big bonus for this smart camera. The ability to monitor and control the camera within HomeKit is great. You can also use the motion, and LUX sensor for automation triggers.

But, it’s not all great for this camera as you can’t control individual settings like resolution or motion zones. In addition, if you do not have a HomeKit hub and subscribe to the appropriate iCloud plan. Then you just have a camera that allows live stream, as it does not have local storage.

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Then, we have the elephant in the room, which is the price that is being asked for this camera. If you compare it to the eufy indoor camera, then it seems expensive. So it will be interesting to see how well this camera sells when the other more affordable devices arrive.

So the bottom line on this camera, it is a superb choice if you plan to use it with HomeKit Secure Video. If not, you can find cheaper alternative options.

Price and availability

The Circle View goes on sale for £159 in the UK and $159 in the US today. Although it will arrive at the same time as the Eve Cam and the affordable eufy indoor camera. Which if you look back 12 months ago, One of the biggest complaints for HomeKit was the lack of cameras. Now that is all changing and that is great for innovation, but also consumer choice.

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So that’s a wrap on the Logitech Circle View review and hopefully you have found it useful? If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below and don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit News.. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

Logitech Circle View review
Logitech Circle View
Review Summary
The bottom line on this camera, it is a superb choice if you plan to use it with HomeKit Secure Video. If not, you can find cheaper alternative options.
HomeKit Secure Video Support
Good video and audio performance
Motion and LUX sensors built in
Not so good
Expensive compare to other cameras
No Local storage


  1. Can the privacy button be disabled form the app? I want to use this outside and seems odd that it could easily be switched off with a simple button press.

  2. Hi Jon, I have just purchased the camera, would you know if there is any way another user can view a live stream? Currently if a user is viewing a live stream and I go and view the camera I am given a message that the camera is not available, wait until someone else in this home stops viewing this camera and try again. Is there a way around this?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Hello quick question. I am thinking of purchasing this but was wondering after initial set up on 2.r ghz Wi-Fi do I need to keep my iPhone on that to see the steams and control the camera or can it go to the usual set up on 5ghz I have ?

  4. Bought 4 Circle View cameras but must say I’m quite disappointed. Three are mounted outside (under roof) and one inside – all for monitoring of a new mountain cabin. When the cameras work, I they deliver ok performance, but the problem is that the cameras are quite unstable. This is especially true after power outages when typically two or three of the cameras are unable to reconnect. Sometimes some of the “off-line” cameras get back online after a few days, and sometimes they stay off-line until I’ve rebooted (and in one occasion a full reset and reinstall) the cameras – something that requires me to be physically present at the cabin and thus simply makes the cameras not fit for purpose. I have a very well functioning MESH network providing great performance for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz at all camera locations, and I’ve also tested all advices and recommendations for how to fix the issues, but with no real improvements.. All other networked smart-house products works well and tackles power outages without issues.
    As it’s neither consistent which cameras that fails, I’ve given up on the Logitech Circle View product and will replace them with better quality cameras (INSTAR’s coming HomeKit cameras are candidates).
    Anyone else that have similar problems?

  5. I’ve just installed a circle view having used Eufy and blink cameras before.

    Daylight viewing the camera is great, but in low light it’s honestly poor. My eufy doorbell is still showing full colour images as there’s a nearby street light yet the circle view is using IR even when it’s dusk.

    Also who thought it was a good idea to hard wire a USB A cable? I cut the cable, passed it through the wall and then re-soldered a new connector.

    Overall I’m happy as it’s faster to respond due to it being mains powered and probably more reliable. If I buy another wired camera I’ll likely look elsewhere though.


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