Logitech Circle View wired doorbell with HomeKit Secure Video




While we all thought HomeKit manufacturers would be slowing down ahead of the Christmas break. It looks like we may see a HomeKit Secure Video doorbell hitting the market very soon. The Logitech Circle View wired video doorbell camera has been spotted on Apple.com

The Circle View Doorbell is a video doorbell features Best-in-class Logitech TrueView™ video with a 160° field of view, with HDR. The HomeKit doorbell also features colour night vision to help capture all the details around your door.Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell HomeKit Secure Video

The seamless glass face and slim silhouette add a touch of elegance and intelligence to your entrance. It also features a glowing light on the front that illuminates when someone approaches. Logitech has also made the video doorbell waterproof.

The Circle View doorbell Works with your current wired doorbell systems and chime modules. It Comes with everything you need, including multiple mounting options, Chime Kit, and wiring to connect to a wired doorbell system (8-24V AC 10 VA or higher).

As with the Logitech Circle View outdoor camera, the Circle View video doorbell is developed exclusively for HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video. Which means the Circle View Doorbell supports HomeKit Secure Video for secure end-to-end encryption. Including a 10-day recording history, custom Activity Zones. All of this is possible if you are using a HomeKit hub and the relevant iCloud account.Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell HKSV

As of now, it looks like the Logitech Circle View Wired video doorbell is only available at Apple.com priced at $199. However, Logitech has yet to confirm the doorbells existence on its own website. I have reached out to Logitech for details and I will update this article when they respond.

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  1. Looks great! The illuminated button is a no brainer and I was surprised to see this missed out by other manufacturers considering its a mainstay on rings doorbells for quite some time. Hopefully this is the one for me. Also interested in the colour night vision. Likely the standout feature for me in an impressive list.

  2. So, in digging through the support pages it looks like this product has a micro USB port on the bottom that can power it. I’d really like to know if it functions completely when powered by that port, if anyone gets their hands on one. I’d love to be able to get power to it directly and then use HomePods as chimes.

    • If its similar to the Netatmo which can be powered by USB. I suspect it will be the same and used for resets. I have a call with Logitech today to discuss this product

      • Hi Jon,

        If you could find out if that could be used for a permanent install in some way, that would be great. The support material seems to indicate it fully functions when USB powered?
        If not, could you ask Logitech if they plan to enable chime-free use? This would be invaluable for the ‘fresh’ install – just get power to it with HomePods for chimes

  3. Great news! I’d really like to know when it’s going to be more widely available (like when we can buy one in Canada!).

  4. I have been following the news of the homekit doorbell recently, but to my disappointment there is no wireless homekit doorbell released. Hope to see related products in the next year.

    • Awww, thank you! I had a demo of it yesterday and I liked what I saw in the demo vidoes. I will update you once I get it through

  5. Got mine and cannot get it to connect to HomeKit 🤬 I suspect it’s the eero 6 which would be a shame. If anyone has any info please share, thanks.

  6. I’ve got one of these on order from the US to me here in Aus, as usual with these smart doorbells power is the issue as the standard doorbell power and chime here in Aus like the uk is 8v/1A.

    My house is a new build without a doorbell so I was going to get one put in to then swap out the button with the Logitech, but getting a standard AIS doorbell chime and transformer is proving an issue.
    Either I get my electrician to rig something up or I try an alternate option like the USB power ( as its in a covered porch)


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