Meross Matter Smart plug available for pre-order in the EU

Meross smart plug Matter EU

Meross launched its new Matter smart plug for the US market last month and now the company has announced Matter smart plug for the EU market.

The MSS315 is only with EU version, and pre-sale will start on Jan 10th 2023. The first 500 will be sold with 50% off and special launch price of $24,99 for a pair. The shipping date will be early March 2023.

As of now, the Meross Smart Plug with Matter support will work with Apple’s Home app and Samsung SmartThings with support for Matter accessories. Support for the rest of the smart home ecosystems is coming later this year/early 2023.

The Meross smart plug connects to your smart home via Matter over Wi-Fi and requires iOS 16.1 for Apple users. Besides matter support, the MSS315 is also a power monitor. You can analyse the connected device’s real-time and historical power consumption in the Meross app.

You can order the new Meross Wi-Fi smart plug with Matter support starting today. The Matter device will retail for $49.99 for two plugs, but the company is offering a 50% discount for early adopters. So grab yourself a bargain at $24.99 and first orders will begin shipping on early March 2023. The new Matter smart plugs are only available in the EU and Meross confirmed UK release Q2 2023.

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