Meross release HomeKit dimmer switch and updated outdoor plug




Meross has announced the release of a new Dimmer Switch Remote Kit, and an updated outdoor smart plug with 3 plugs. The two products feature HomeKit support and connect via 2.4gHz Wi-Fi.

The update outdoor smart plug now features three independently controllable power outlets. I recently reviewed the UK version of the two port version and other than the increase in power ports, nothing really changes. The outdoor plug supports up to 10 amps and features IP 44 weather resistance. Meross smart outdoor plug 3 HomeKit

As with the two port version, the Meross Outdoor smart plug supports HomeKit, which means you can control this within the Home app. But you also get the ability to control it via HomeKit automations and scenes, ideal for outdoor lighting.

Meross has also launched a all new Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer and Remote Kit. The dimmer requires a neutral wire and connects via 2.4gHz Wi-Fi. The kit also includes a separate remote with an option faceplate. So that you can mount the remote like a standard wireless switch. Meross dimmer switch HomeKit

Again, the Meross Dimmer Switch kit supports HomeKit with no additional hub required to connect.

Both HomeKit accessories are available to purchase now through Amazon. The Outdoor Smart Plug retails for $34.99, and the dimmer kit starts at $35.99. No word on if Meross plan to release the UK and EU versions of either of these products. Don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit reviews. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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