Meross release Matter smart plugs




The new Matter smart home standard officially launched back in October and shared these in person at a press event in Amsterdam. Now Meross has announced a Matter certified smart plug out of the box.

Reported by Jennifer at the Verge, the Wi-Fi smart plug will work with Matter out of the box and setup up using a Matter QR code and by pairing it with a Matter controller. The new smart plug will connect via Wi-Fi on the 2.4GHz band.

As of now, the Meross Smart Plug with Matter support will work with Apple’s Home app and Samsung SmartThings with support for Matter accessories. Support for the rest of the smart home ecosystems is coming later this year/early 2023.

As of now, the new Matter smart plugs are only available in the US and Canada and Meross confirmed EU and UK release Q1 2023. In other news, Meross has confirmed that its existing product line up will not be updated to support Matter.

You can order the new Meross Wi-Fi smart plug with Matter support starting today. The Matter device will retail for $50 for two plugs, but the company is offering a 30% discount for early adopters. The first orders will begin shipping on 31st December.

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