Meross smart plug review – affordable HomeKit smart plug

HomeKit smart plugs along with smart lighting is one of the first investments people will make when venturing into smart home territory. But normally you expect to pay upwards of £25 for a HomeKit smart plug. However, all that is changing with Meross that has recently released a HomeKit edition of its smart plug available in the UK for a staggering £16.99. You can also pick up the EU version for €34.99 for a double pack and a similar model in the US for $25.

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It has been long discussed that HomeKit products should not carry such a premium price tag. So with more brands emerging like Meross and others with budget HomeKit devices, it will only challenge the more established brands to consider pricing. But with a budget product sometimes comes its own challenges around quality and performance. So continue reading this Meross smart plug review to see how this budget HomeKit device performs.

To be 100% transparent, Meross provided the Meross Smart plug for this review. This will not affect my opinion wherever it is positive or critical of the device. You can read more on our review promise and ethics statement.

Meross Smart plug HomeKit version features

  • Price
  • 13amps max load
  • Supply voltage 220-240
  • Max power 2860W
  • Connectivity is via Wi-Fi 2.4GHZ
  • Works with HomeKit

Meross Smart plug Smart Plug design

The Meross smart plug looks like your regular smart plug with a cube design and white finish. On the top of the smart plug is a single button to you can use to turn it off and on, it also glows green when in use. The side of the device features the HomeKit setup code that is used when pairing the device. I pealed this off and attach it to the HomeKit setup instructions for safe keeping.

Looking at the bottom of the device, you will find printed information outlining the max rating and standards. The plug supports 13amps max and a supply voltage of 220- 240. The plug also has the relevant CE markings and BS 1363 to identify it uses the British plug standard.Meross Smart Plug HomeKit UK

The rear of the plug features the UK standard 3 prong configuration, but the EU version will have the relevant configuration.Meross Smart Plug UK

Despite its affordable price point, the Meross smart plug feels well built and is on par with the more expensive brands. It is smaller than the Ikea control outlet and the Eve Energy. But still a little less compact than the Philips Hue smart plug.HomeKit smart plugs

Meross Smart plug Smart plug setup

One of the advantages of the Meross smart plug is it works via Wi-FI, so you don’t need a separate hub for this to work.

As this is a HomeKit enabled smart plug, I set it up with the Home App directly with Homekit. However, you can use the Meross app although you do not get any additional benefit other than firmware updates and Wi-FI signal strength. Which the latter might be useful if you struggle with Wi-Fi strength and you want to troubleshoot.HomeKit app

To get started I plugged the device in, opened the Home app and tapped “add accessory.” I then scanned the HomeKit code and followed the rest of the setup process for HomeKit.

Meross Smart Plug HomeKit control

During my testing, I managed the Day-to-day control of the device via the Home app for HomeKit. Operating the smart plug involves tapping the device tile within the Home App to turn it off and on. You can also long press on the device tile which will bring up a switch graphic which functions in the same way as tapping the tile.

You can also include the smart plug in scenes, automation or triggers. So, for example, I had the Meross HomeKit plug connected to a lamp in my studio, as I did when I tested the Philips Hue smart plug. I then included the smart plug in my studio scene to turn it on. I found it useful to quickly setup my studio to cut down on the amount of devices I needed to turn on to get started.Meross HomeKit app control

You can also use it with automation’s to trigger another HomeKit device. I tested this with an Aqara motion sensor and the same lamp, and it worked fine.

Finally, you can control the Meross HomeKit smart plug with Siri. For instance, you can say “Hey Siri, turn on the lamp” and it will switch it on. You can do this from any iOS device, Apple Watch or HomePod.

Meross Smart plug review conclusion

When Meross first reached out to me to review the HomeKit smart plug and declared the price point, I was not sure what to expect. So when it arrived in HomeKit Authority HQ for testing, I was immediately impressed with the build quality. The smart plug feels robust and well built and on I would say, on par with other much more expensive brands.

During my testing I have found it to be reliable and didn’t have any issues with Wi-Fi strength or any unresponsive activity. I also like that you can control the plug manually with the switch on the device. This is always helpful for a device like this to have that option.Meross Smart Plug review HomeKit edition UK

Setting up in the Home App for control within HomeKit is quick and easy. HomeKit integration works well within the Home app and being able to use this in automations and scenes is a significant benefit.

I have only one minor niggle and it lacks energy monitoring and before you shot me down for being picky about a product at such a cheap price. Meross already offers a smart plug with energy monitoring for £10.99, but without HomeKit support. So in theory they could have included it and increased the price, and it still would have been a great buy.

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The bottom line, Meross has done a fantastic job to deliver a HomeKit smart plug at this price point. It’s not only very affordable, its compact and works well with no need for an extra hub.

Meross HomeKit smart plug price and availability

The Meross HomeKit smart plug is available from Amazon for £16.99 in the UK for a single and £31.99 for a double pack. The EU version is €34.99 and available in a double back. You can also pick up a very similar mode in the US for $25. 

So that’s a wrap on the Meross smart plug review, Don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit and smart home reviews. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

Meross Smart Plug
Meross smart plug review – affordable HomeKit smart plug
Review Summary
The bottom line, Meross has done a fantastic job to deliver a HomeKit smart plug at this price point. It's not only very affordable, its compact and works well with no need for an extra hub.
HomeKit support
Amazing price
No hub required
No energy monitoring

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  1. Great stuff guys, I also got one of those smart plugs on offer.
    I was also reading your article about Abode security system and I’d like to ask you if you already have a Abode security kit can you please do a video and post it here to see how it all works.

    I am interested in Abode security system but they want us to subscribe to one of the plans which I don’t want to. As you said the kit is HomeKit ready out of the box so I’m hoping that I can buy the kit without a subscription.

    By the way this is a great website I find it very helpful as I am a novice on all this new technology.

    Thanks Jon

  2. Thanks Jon. Im new to this and your reviews are great. Can I ask if this plug will work with Phillips Hue App as also have some Phillips accessories.


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