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A HomeKit smart plug is usually one of the first investments people will make when venturing into a smart home territory. But Meross has stepped it up a level with the Smart power strip that has 4 power outlets along with 4 USB power sources, all exposed to HomeKit. So continue reading this in-depth Meross smart power strip review to find out if it’s worth buying for your HomeKit home.

To be 100% transparent, Meross provided the Meross Smart outdoor plug for this review free of charge. This will not affect my opinion wherever it is positive or critical of the device. You can read more on our review promise and ethics statement.

Meross smart power strip features

  • Price via Amazon £41.99 in the UK, $49.99 in the US and €49.99 in the EU via Amazon.
  • 10amps max load
  • Supply voltage 220-240
  • 4 x power outlets and 4 x USB ports
  • Works without Hub via Wi-FI 2.4 GHz
  • Works with HomeKit
  • 6 feet cable

In the box

  • Meross smart power strip
  • User manual

Meross smart power strip design & features

The Meross smart power strip is an all-white, long plastic rectangular frame with four power sockets and 4 USB ports. Each power socket has a green LED to indicate if turned on and one LED for the USB ports. On the right-hand side is a power button that is the master switch that controls all power sources.Meross smart power strip review

The rear of the device features the HomeKit setup code along with four screw slot for mounting it to a wall. It also features a power cord which is 6 feet with the UK standard 3 prong configuration. But EU and US versions will have the relevant plug configurations for that country.Meross smart power strip rear

The smart strip connects to home networks via 2.4ghz Wi-Fi, without an additional hub required to use it with HomeKit.Meross smart power strip USB HomeKit support

Meross smart power strip setup

To get started, I plugged in the Meross smart power strip into a power socket. Then open the Home app, tap “add accessory” and it will present you with the familiar HomeKit screen that lets you scan the HomeKit code. The HomeKit setup process will take you through adding to a room, naming the device and other setup steps.Meross smart power strip HomeKit setup

Once setup, the Meross smart power strip will be available in the Home App and available to set up HomeKit automations.

While Meross has an app available via the App store, I used the Home app during the review. But I would also recommend downloading the Meross App to update the firmware as and when required.Meross smart power strip app

Using the Meross smart power strip

As previously mentioned the smart power strip features four power sockets and four USB devices which can be controlled via the single button that glows green when the sockets are on. While I welcome the ability with any smart plug that can turn on and off in the traditional way. It would have been nice for the device to feature individual buttons to control each power socket and USB ports. But this seems to be a theme with Meross products, which I think helps them to keep the cost down.Meross smart power strip button

In terms of connectivity and placement around my home, the Meross smart power strip  has performed well. Just for reference during the review, placed device throughout the house to test Wi-Fi strength and didn’t come across any issues.

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Requests made to the smart power strip via the Home app or Siri have been actioned within seconds. Despite the distances between the plug and the router, I have yet to come across an instance of “no response” within the Home app.

HomeKit control

Speaking of HomeKit support, operating the smart power strip at the basic level involves tapping the tile which brings all 5 controls for the four outlets and USB ports. Here you can control each outlet independently, along with the 4 USB ports. But you can split the tiles out by going into settings and tapping “Show as Separate Tiles”. It will then present you with four separate sockets and one USB control tile.Meross smart power strip HomeKit
You can also rename each power point to a name that would match the appliance you are using. So for instance, if you have a bedroom lamp plugged in, then you could name it “bedroom lamp.” Because Meross have exposed the 4 USB points to HomeKit as one power source. Then you are only able to rename all four.

One benefit of using the Meross smart power strip with HomeKit means you can include the smart plug in scenes, automation, or triggers. So, for example, I had the power strip connected to a bedroom light. I then included the smart strip in my morning and goodnight automation to turn on my lights when activated.

Finally, you can control the Meross outdoor plug with Siri. For instance, you can say “Hey Siri, turn on the bedside light” and it will turn it on within seconds.

Meross smart power strip review conclusion

The Meross smart power strip worked well during my review period. During my testing I have found it to be reliable, and the Wi-Fi range worked well.

HomeKit integration works well within the Home app, and being able to use this in automations is a significant benefit. Using Siri on either my Apple Watch or iPhone to control the outdoor smart plug is very handy.

But as mentioned, I have some minor complaints with the smart power strip. The first being that it only has a one dedicated button to control all four power sources and USB sockets. It would also have been great if the 4 USB were exposed to HomeKit as separate outlets.Meross smart power strip review

The bottom line, Meross has done a superb job with delivering a HomeKit smart power strip at such a competitive price. The device has worked well during my testing and I will continue to use it in my bedroom as I have been during the review.

Meross smart power strip with HomeKit price and availability

The Meross smart power strip is available for £41.99 in the UK, $49.99 in the US and €49.99 in the EU via Amazon. So that’s a wrap on the Meross smart power strip review, Don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit and smart home reviews. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

Meross smart power strip review
Meross smart power strip review – HomeKit edition
The bottom line, Meross has done a superb job with delivering a HomeKit smart power strip at such a competitive price. The device has worked well during my testing and I will continue to use it in my bedroom as I have been during the review.

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  1. I wasn’t able to add the power strip to the Meross app. I tried to add the accessory to the app several times, but on each occasion it failed. It added the power strip to my Home app, so it is available to Siri voice control and Siri automations, but it’s not been added to Meross’ app so I can’t check whether it needs a firmware upgrade.

    Very frustrating as otherwise it’s a greta bit of kit which seems to work seamlessly with Siri.


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