Meross Smart power strip with HomeKit available in the UK




Following the release of the Meross smart power strip with HomeKit support in the US and EU two weeks ago. this week has released a Smart power strip that works with HomeKit. This follows on from several of other HomeKit smart products from the company. The updated model comes with three power outlets along with four USB ports.

The Meross smart power strip features four outlets which can be individually controlled, via HomeKit or via Siri voice commands. Unfortunately, like with the smart outdoor plug, they do not have individual button controls for each outlet with only a master switch to turn it off and on.

According the Meross, the power strip has the following specs.

  • Input of 220-250V – 50/60HZ and 13.0.
  • Output is 220-250V – 50/60HZ and 13.0A maximum load.
  • USB 5V-24A for single USB port
  • USB 5V-4.0A for four USB port
  • The USB ports are exposed to HomeKit, but are controlled as one.

Connectivity for the smart power strip is via 2.4GHz WiFi, which is the common standard across Meross products. As well as supporting HomeKit, it can also work with Alexa and Google Home. So you have your choice of smart home platforms.

In terms of safety, the smart power strip comes with a fire-retardant housing. Plus  decent size cable at 6ft along with overload protection.

Pricing and availability

The Meross Smart power strip with HomeKit support is is available on priced at £41.99, but you can 15% off this week. Although this product is compatible with UK type sockets. Meross also sells the US and EU versions of this HomeKit enabled smart strip.

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  1. I’ve seen some discussions on Reddit about these kits but it looks like they’re not made to UK safety standards.
    Can you confirm if they are British safety standard etc?
    Concerned about plugging one in under my bed for lamps etc.


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