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While other HomeKit categories have plenty of choice, if you want to enable your garage door to be HomeKit compatible, then choice is limited. However, Meross who have been on a roll with releasing HomeKit enabled devices is back again with the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage door opener. So in this Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage door opener review I will look at the installation, HomeKit support and it how it performs.

It is worth pointing Meross produce this device in two versions. The first version being the model that works with Google and Alexa. Then the version featured in this review that also supports Apple HomeKit. So if you are planning on buying one from Amazon. Make sure you buy the model that has the HomeKit logo in the product image.

Readers note – Meross provided the product FOC for the review. But to be 100% clear, HomeKit Authority maintains full editorial control over the content in our reviews posted to this site. We will only make editorial changes too content if corrected by a company if the information is incorrect. You can read more on the review promise and our Ethics statement.

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage door opener review – Features

In the box

  • Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage door
  • Open/Close sensor with a 7m long cable
  • Screws
  • 3M sitcky pads
  • iPhone style power brick

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage door opener review – Design

The main control unit of the Meross smart garage door opener is a rectangle shape and comes in white. On the front of the device you will find a LED that let you know the status of the device, along with the HomeKit setup code. The right of the unit has the power cable that features a USB-A connection and a connector for the open/close sensor. On the left you have a wire that is attached to the garage door opener and sends the signals to open and close.Meross Garage door opener design

The last element that completes everything is the garage door sensor that is wired rather than wireless. The cable is 7 meters long, so enough cable to reach the front of the garage.Meross Garage door opener sensor wire

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage door opener review – Setup

Before you buy, Meross has a handy tool to allow you to check and see if it will work with your garage before making a purchase. I would also recommend setting up and installing in 2 stages. First, you should set everything up in the Home App. This is so you can troubleshoot any issues without having to keep taking it down each time. I would also recommend downloading the Meross App to update the firmware.

Start with HomeKit

As this is a HomeKit compatible device, you pair using the Home App. But the Meross Smart garage door opener connects via Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz network. So you may need to separate your 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz if you run into issues. But I was using the Linksys Velop mesh network and didn’t need to do this, but it’s worth pointing it out.Meross Garage door opener add to HomeKit

Just like with any HomeKit accessory, simply scan the HomeKit code, name your device, assign the device to a room and then it’s ready in the Apple Home app. You can at a later time setup automations and scenes if you wish.

Physical Installation

The next part is connecting the Meross control unit to your garage door opener. The complexity of this depends on the make and model of your device. But it should only involve attaching 2 wires in 99% of cases.

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To install you, connect the wire, that is on the right side of the unit to your garage door opener. You then fix the controller using the 3M pads to a suitable location around your garage door opener.Meross Garage door opener install process

The last step is installing the wired door sensor. My recommendation would be to feed this above along with the roof rafters and then place it at the top of the garage door. Once in place, you attach a 3M sticky pad and fix in place. You then install the other part of the sensor to the garage door inline with the previously installed part, with only a 1 inch gap.Meross Garage door opener sensor installed on door

Once you have everything in place and connected, plug in the power cable into the USB plug and then into a power socket.

Once you have all that setup, your garage door is now connected and can now be opened and closed through the Apple Home app or via Siri. If you have any issues with it not showing as closed or open within the Home App. Then, as previously mentioned, pair with the Meross App and update the firmware to the latest version.

Performance and HomeKit

Controlling the Meross HomeKit Garage door opener is all done through the Home app or via Siri, with both of them working well. To open or close the door you press on the tile in the Home App to operate the garage door, and during my use I didn’t have issues. You can also control it using Siri and this worked as expected with no issues.Meross Garage door opener HomeKit

You can include the Meross smart garage door opener in automation and scenes. In my case, I have a “end of night” routine that closes the house down for the night. I added the garage door to set to close if we left it open by accident. But of course be sensible about how you use this and ensure nothing is in the door’s path. This is because the Meross garage door controller does not have obstruction detection, so the garage door may keep closing.

If you have a car with Carplay, then you can also operate the garage door via this method. During my testing and use for this review, I found it worked every time with no issue.Meross Garage door opener carplay with HomeKit

I reviewed the iSmartgate garage door opener at the start of the year and I found the Meross responds faster using HomeKit. Although this is because the ismartgate would flash the LED lights and make a beeping sound before the door would open and the Meross controller does not have this feature.

Meross Smart WiFi Garage door opener review conclusion

Overall, I have been impressed with the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage door opener and its performance. During my testing I didn’t have any connection dropouts, or the dreaded “No Response” message. The response time for both using the Home app and Siri was great and on a par with using the manual fob.Meross Garage door opener review

Another plus point was how easy it was to set up and the time taken. It took 15 minutes and for me this is always a huge plus when setting up any new gear. As it should not take complicated steps to get up and running.

I also like you can include the Meross HomeKit garage door controller in scenes and automations. This means you can set it to close automatically at night or when you leave home. Although it is worth exercising caution, as it does not have an obstruction sensor.Meross Garage door opener siri

Then we have the price being asked, its £42.99/$49.99/€45.99 which is Significantly cheaper than the iSmartgate. Although the iSmartgate does offer features that Meross does not.

The bottom line, Meross, has delivered another HomeKit enabled device that is not only affordable, but does what it says. If you want a solid way to turn your garage door opener HomeKit compatible. Then the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage door opener is the most affordable option and worked well during my testing.

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So that’s a wrap on the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage door opener review. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. If you are thinking of buying the Meross Garage door opener, then you can purchase it via Amazon using our affiliate link.

Meross Garage door opener review
Meross Smart WiFi Garage door opener review
Review Summary
The bottom line, if you want a solid way to turn your garage door opener HomeKit compatible. Then the Meross Smart WiFi Garage door opener is the most affordable option and very realisable during my testing.
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