Nanoleaf announce new Thread lighting range that will support Matter

nanoleaf Matter

Nanoleaf has announced the addition of four new Matter compatible smart bulbs and light strip to its Essentials line. The Thread-enabled LED lights will include a light strip along with A19, GU10, and BR30 bulbs.

The new products will be RGBW, capable of displaying over 16 million colour options, including tunable whites with color temperatures ranging from 2700–6500K. The bulbs and light strip will use Matter over Thread and use Bluetooth as a fallback. So you do not need a Thread Border Router to connect the new Nanoleaf smart lights.

Nanoleaf has said that we can control its new lights via your preferred app or voice assistant. This also includes the ability to feature these new lights in automation routines with other compatible devices.

Unfortunately, Nanoleaf has confirmed that its existing lighting range will not support matter. Nanoleaf said that this is because its existing product lineup already supports the major smart home ecosystems.

The New Nanoleaf Essential lighting products should hit shelves in February 2023 priced at $19.99-99.99. Nanoleaf also plans to announce more Matter compatible products in January at CES 2023, which should include the company’s lighting panels and Lines product.


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