Nanoleaf Essentials with Matter support available for preorder

Nanoleaf, a pioneer in smart lighting technology, has unveiled the world’s first available Smart Light Bulb and Light strip that uses Matter over Thread technology. This achievement makes Nanoleaf the first brand to offer smart lighting products that are compatible with the latest smart home standard.

The latest Nanoleaf Essentials, featuring Matter and Thread come in bulb options A19, BR30, and GU10 sockets, as well as a Light Strip. With the integration of Matter technology, these bulbs can integrate with major smart home platforms, including Apple Home.

However, if you use HomeKit Adaptive lighting, this is not available in the new Nanoleaf Essentials line up. This is because the new Essentials lighting products are exposed to Apple Home via Matter, which does not support adaptive lighting.

So if you do need HomeKit Adaptive lighting, then you best sticking with the original Nanoleaf Essentials that support HomeKit. But you need to be quick as Nanoleaf have said they have discontinued them.

In order to use the new Nanoleaf Essentials with Apple Home via Matter you need a Matter controller and a Thread Border Router. Both the New HomePod, HomePod Mini and some of the Apple TV models support both features. So you are good to go with if you have any of these devices.

The Essentials Matter-compatible E27/B22 Smart Bulb and Light strip (2m Starter Kit, 5m Starter kit, 2m expansion pack and 1m Expansion Pack) will be available globally at Preorders start in the US this week and in the UK and EU sometime next week with shipping between April and May depending on the region.

Pricing will range from £19.99 –  £69.99 in the United Kingdom and $19.99 – $49.99 in the US. A BR30 bulb ($49.99 for a three-pack) will be available next month and customers will have to wait until late 2023 for the GU10 and Recessed down light.

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I will, of course, be reviewing the new Nanoleaf Essentials, so keep checking back when that lands. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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Jon Ratcliffe
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