Nanoleaf Essentials module revealed with Thread support




Based on a recent FCC filing tipped to me via Adam Miarka it would appear that Nanoleaf plans to release a device called the Nanoleaf Essentials module. While this could be a device that is part of its future Essential lineup. It could also be the method in which Nanoleaf could enable Thread wireless connectivity for its Shapes and panels.

Nanoleaf hinted a few weeks ago that they planned to deliver future products with Thread support. However, this latest development could mean that support could come to its Canvas and shapes products.

Currently, the Nanoleaf Essentials range is the only products from the company that supports Thread. This line up includes the Nanoleaf Essential light strip and Nanoleaf Essentials bulb. However, the light panel products like the Nanoleaf Canvas connect via Wi-Fi.

But that could be all about to change via this module that could be retrofitted to existing Nanoleaf products to enable Thread. The module also supports Bluetooth Low Energy.Nanoleaf Essentials Module Thread

Although this new module could be destined for a new product, it looks promising for those of us that would like Thread support for the Nanoleaf light panels.

I have reached out to Nanoleaf for more details and if I get a response, I will update this article. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram for more HomeKit news.

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