Nanoleaf Sonic Limited Edition smart light panels released

Nanoleaf has teamed up with the makers of Sonic the hedgehog 2 to celebrate the movies launch with a limited edition Shapes kit. The Nanoleaf Shapes Starter kit Sonic limited the edition joins the existing line up that works with HomeKit over Thread.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is in cinemas starting 1st April in the UK is celebrated with 3 designs, Sonic, Knuckles and Tales. The Starter kit Comprising 32 Nanoleaf Shapes light panels and allows you to recreate one of the three main characters from the film.

You can customise the panels via playlists in the Nanoleaf app. The app gives you the choice of 16 million colours or create your own designs. The Nanoleaf shapes also support the screen mirror feature, allowing your Nanoleaf Shapes light panels to reflect the on-screen colours in real time.Nanoleaf Shapes - Sonic Edition

As with the other Nanoleaf Shapes products, they support HomeKit over Thread. So you can use them in the Home App to control the brightness and colours along with selected playlists created in the Nanoleaf App.

The Nanoleaf Shapes Starter Kit – Sonic Limited Edition pricing

A complete bundle kit that comes with 32 Shapes panels (4 Triangle Light Panels & 28 Mini Triangles) that you can arrange in a shape of Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. You can also create other designs and layout instructions are included in the box.

The kit is available at a suggested retail price of £299.99 from starting today in the UK. No word on the US, EU and rest of the world availability.

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