Netatmo announces new security sensor with Thread for Matter




CES 2022 was all about matter and thread for the smart home with lots of major brands announcing support. This week Netatmo has announced a new smart home security sensor that acts as a door contact sensor and motion sensor.

The New smart security sensor from Netatmo will support Matter over Thread, which means it will also support HomeKit. The combo sensor can act as both a window/door sensor and a motion sensor. This means users will use the device to both trigger scenes and automations using with the motion or contact sensor.Netatmo Smart Security sensor with Thread HomeKit

HomeKit Authoritys thoughts

Matter and Thread are going are set to be big buzzwords for the smart home in 2022 and it’s great to see Netatmo onboard. I have been using Thread enabled devices for the past 12 months with the Nanoleaf essentials smart lights and the Eve Weather. The most noticeable difference from the outset has been speed and reliability over Bluetooth connected smart home devices.

So this latest announcement by Netatmo is great news for this type of device. Although it will not be able to act as a Thread device to boost the network, the Thread capabilities will help with improved battery life and response times for this device

The Netatmo Smart Security Sensor will go on sale in Q2 and there’re is no details on pricing. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow HomeKit Authority on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram for the latest HomeKit News.

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