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The Netatmo smart video doorbell was launched back in September 2020 and the only way to install was via an existing doorbell chime. During my testing for the review, it did require a little more tinkering than some of its competitors. But that all changes today as Netatmo has introduced two transformer options.

The first option is a Plug-in Transformer, that works with a standard indoor wall socket. Installation is simplified by only needing to drill a hole through the wall, insert the wires into the doorbell wall plate and plug into a wall socket. The second is an In-wall Transformer that connects to the home’s existing wiring.

Both transformers enable the Smart Video Doorbell to be used without a chime, which was not possible previously. So When a visitor rings the doorbell, you will be alerted on your phone and if used with HomeKit and a HomePod or HomePod mini. You will also get an alert via Home App and the HomePod wall chime.

The plugin transformer is priced comes with a 10 meter cable and is priced at £19.99 UK, €24.99 in the EU. Whereas the In-wall Transformer option comes with a shorter cable and priced the same. You can also buy the doorbell with either of the new transformer options bundled for £279.99/€314.99. Interestingly, at the time of this article, the Netatmo has not confirmed if the US or Canada will get this option. I have reached out to my contact at Netatmo and will update this article once I get more information.Netamto smart doorbell transformer options

New Features for the Netatmo doorbell

Additionally, Netatmo has confirmed new features for the smart video doorbell.

  • When someone presses the doorbell, a sound that can be heard through the speaker.
  • New Option which allows a user to temporarily disable the doorbell chime or permanently disable it.
  • Improved AI, especially for recording before a person arrives at the Video Doorbell.
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HomeKit Authoritys opionion

When I originally reviewed the Netatmo Smart video doorbell back in September 2020. The installation process seemed trickier than other options. That being said, I didn’t think it was overly difficult for a competent DIYer. However, with the addtion of the new transformer options, it’s going to make installing the smart doorbell a lot simpler for consumers. Plus, you do not need an existing doorbell chime in your home.

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  1. Thank you for this update this was the netatmo update I needed to go ahead and buy. Got the option with in wall transformer. I think I can wire that to the mains behind the light switch no problem. Been waiting to get rid of the Amazon doorbell for some time.


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