Netatmo smart lock with HomeKit support

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The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit and comes equipped with batteries that last for two years. It works via Bluetooth, meaning the Door Lock is not connected to the internet.

The most interesting feature is the use of Near Field Communications (NFC) to interact with the Smart Keys. Which are tamper proof and according to Netatmo are impossible to duplicate.  But if you lose the Keys or if someone steals them, users deactivate them in real time with one click on their smartphone.

The smart door Lock has security at its heart as it features an accelerometer which senses the vibrations caused by an attempt to break in. The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is designed to withstand physical and electronic attacks. It has obtained the A2P *, BZ+ and SKG *** security certification. Users can also access the front door usage history via the app, when they are within Bluetooth range of the Door Lock, so they can see whether an intruder has tried to force their door.Netatmo smart lock with keys

It’s a smart lock

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock can be installed as a replacement of an existing cylinder door lock. Netatmo has equipped the Smart Door Lock with batteries that last for two years. When battery power is low, it sends a smartphone notification when users’ phone is within Bluetooth range. If the Door Lock battery is flat, the user can use a backup micro-USB connection to open the door and replace the batteries.

The Smart Door Lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit. Users can create customised scenes to connect their Smart Door Lock to other smart devices in their home. For example, when they open the front door, they might decide that all the lights in the house should be switched on.

We expect the Netatmo Smart Door Lock to launch in Europe at the end of this year for around 350 to 400 euro. Don’t forget to subscribe to be first to find out when more information emerges. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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