Netatmo smart outdoor camera now available in White

Netatmo has announced that the Netatmo outdoor smart home camera will be an white colour option. The camera is identical in feature set to the black version with a 105db siren and works with HomeKit Secure Video.

The camera sticks with the previous design, which features an aluminium body and a glass front. Netatmo says the camera is water and humidity proof thanks to the HZO technology. The new camera features a 1080p camera with a 100-degree wide-angle lens. It also has infrared night vision plus a built-in light, like in the previous version.

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The camera features real-time notifications of problems at home. It can also distinguish between people, animals and vehicles, which works within 20-metre. Users will then get notified via the Security app and they’ll then have the option to check the live footage and remotely activate the built-in 105dB siren.

No subscription and HomeKit

The new Smart Outdoor Camera does not need a subscription. Any footage captured is stored on an included Micro SD card that’s encrypted and can be uploaded to Dropbox or your own FTP server. The camera also works with HomeKit, but no word on HomeKit Secure Video or if the Siren will be exposed either.

The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera will be available from today for £319.99. I reviewed the black version of the Netatmo Smart Outdoor camera and found it performed well.

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Jon Ratcliffe
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