New IKEA VINDSTYRKA with display and DIRIGERA hub support

Ikea vindstyrka

IKEA first shipped a simple version of the VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor and it looks like the company is back with an updated version. Featuring a clear and concise display, and integration with the DIRIGERA hub and its smart home functions.

First spotted by iPhone Ticker, the VINDSTYRKA offers immense improvements compared to its predecessor, with a detailed display that shows information such as PM2.5 levels and humidity readings. You can actually read what kind of air quality is in your environment. Additionally, users have three brightness control stages and power is provided via USB-C to a mains supply.Ikea vindstyrka display

In another first, unlike the current generation, the IKEA VINDSTYRKA transfers all the readings to the IKEA Home smart app. It is not yet known at this stage whether the measurements will also be visible with HomeKit. But Ikea have announced that the DIRIGERA hub will support Matter, so once that happens then this device should be exposed to Apple Home.

In terms of availability, Ikea has not confirmed the new VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor formally. But given it’s showing up in the Home Smart App and some online stores. It will only be a matter of time before it arrives.

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  1. […] Is IKEA about to launch an updated air quality sensor? Sharp eyes have seen an image that appears to be a new IKEA air quality sensor called Vindstyrka. The sensor will measure particulate matter, humidity, and temperature and have its own power supply and brightly lit screen, and will reportedly work with the Dirigera hub. It will also fit within IKEA’s stated smart home plans to focus on the health of the home. (HomeKit Authority) […]


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