HomeKit Secure Video rollout for EufyCam 2 & 2c has started




After several false starts, Eufy has officially confirmed they are rolling out HomeKit Secure Video support for its EufyCam 2 and 2c smart cameras.

This update for HomeKit Secure Video will begin rolling out to all eufyCam 2 and 2C via an automatic software update starting today and they expect it to reach all users by the end of June.

This follows months of testing and false starts by the company, but this official update will be welcome news for the popular EufyCam and 2 and 2c users. Users can also use the firmware update option in the eufy Security app to check for the update.

Users need to be looking out for the following firmware update.

  • Sytem version –
  • Subsystem version –

This is brilliant news that HomeKit Secure Video support has arrived for the Eufycam 2 and 2c. You can buy the EufyCam 2 with a 50% discount at the moment and 40% of the 2c camera bundle.

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    • The firmware for the Homebase is rolling out. I am not sure that the camera will need one. But I maybe wrong as mine has not been updated for weeks now

      • since the last update the cameras are really washed out and over-exposed in the beginnings of the recordings. there’s other people on reddit and amazon reviews with this experience. can you ask eufy if there will be an update/ fix for that?

        i contacted support and they acknowledged the problem.

        thanks in advance!

        • Yes I raised it with them previously and I have been advised its something they are working…. no ETA though


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