OneLife PureOne air purifier revealed at CES 2020




German Startup Onelife the PureOne; an air purifier not only designed to clean the air you breathe in the home but also blend with your environment. While the PureOne has some impressive specs, the design could be a big seller that have been put off by ugly designs.

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Onelife says that its proprietary technology features a revolutionary, patent-pending plasma filter that creates high filtration performance at low ventilator speed. This innovation results in silent air purification that saves energy. Instead of replacing filters every few months, the PureOne filter system can be rinsed or run through a dishwasher and re-used.

The company also goes onto claim that their PureOne Air purifier can remove particles smaller than PM2.5, going down to PM1.0 particles.

In terms of design, the top comes in wood, with built-in touch-sensitive LED controls. If you fancy switching up the design, You can customise the top panel of the air purifier can. With options available in six different wood finishes Ash, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, and Palisander. The side of the PureOne can be shipped with six different shades of grey for the surrounding fabric body. They are Snow White, Sharp Sand, Dusty Wind, Shark Grey, Wild Dusk, and Dark Knight.


  • It is 55cm/21.65in tall (including the legs)
  • 52cm/20.47in wide.
  • 20cm/7.87in deep.
  • Noise levels are 25dBa in Silent Mode, 35dBa in Auto Mode, and 55dBa on full power.
  • The unit weighs around 6-7kg/13-15.5lb, depending on the finish.OneLine Pureone

The company has not directly stated that the PureOne will support Apple HomeKit. They have stated it will work with ‘Apple Siri’, which could mean Siri Shortcuts. However according to HomeKit News, they have said to found an image from the company that does state “OneLife PureOne air purifier works with Apple’s HomeKit”.

The company has not given information on availability or pricing, but we have reached out to them for details. Don’t forget to subscribe to be first to find out when more information emerges. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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