Philips Hue HomeKit adaptive lighting feature close to launch

While we already knew that Philips Hue is working on HomeKit Adaptive lighting for its Hue product range. Evidence has now surfaced that suggests that Adaptive lighting is already in testing within its private beta programme.

Adaptive lighting in HomeKit works when the user enables this feature by tapping the icon with a sun within the lighting controls in the Home App. This then enables the smart light to change colour of a light throughout the day. The lamp starts with warm colours in a morning and becomes cooler during the day. In the evening, the lights then turn warmer with less blue to help to help with relaxation. HomeKit adaptive lighting controls for Philips Hue

As mentioned this feature is only available for Philips Hue beta testers running firmware version 1941132020 on a Hue Bridge. According to reports, the feature only works with the White & Colour Ambiance lights. However, I cannot see why it would not work on the Philips Hue White ambience range. So I think that is just a misunderstanding in the compatibility being reported.

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It is also worth mentioning that beta users are reporting that you need a HomeKit hub to use the Adaptive lighting feature. Which was to be expected given this feature and processing involved.

I have reached out to my contact at Philips Hue and once I know more, I will update this article. So You don’t forget to follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram for more HomeKit news and reviews.

Original Spotted by iCulture, images provided to us by a user tip

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Jon Ratcliffe
Jon Ratcliffe
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  1. I used to be part of the Philips Hue “Bright Project” a few years ago, as far as I’m aware I’m no longer a part of it nor am I receiving beta versions of the app. But two days ago I got prompted to turn on Adaptive Lighting. Since then I’ve had it!


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