Philips Hue to support Thread, well its bridge




Philips Hue the smart lighting company has confirmed that it will support the wireless standard Thread. But before you get excited, Signify, the company behind Hue has said support will come to the Hue Bridge only, not the smart bulbs themselves.

According to, Thread support will not extend to the individual light bulbs or other accessories in the Philips Hue range. Even though they would make great Thread repeaters thanks to their permanent power supply. The company plans to continue with support for Zigbee between the Hue Bridge and the Hue lights and supported hue accessories.

This news is a disappointment, as one benefit of Thread is removing the need for additional bridges in the Home to connect with HomeKit. However, they have not confirmed if this also applies to the Bluetooth versions of the Philips Hue bulbs. Plus, a Hue Bridge, can only support 50 connected devices. So adding support for Thread to the individual Hue blubs and accessories would give a solution to this limitation.

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Although this will disappoint users hoping to see Thread support for Philips Hue products. We can take some positives that the Hue bridge can be added to the Thread network. Which will help with expanding the Thread mesh network. But it could also mean that Thread support might remove the need for using a wired connection directly to the router. Which means you could place the Hue bridge in any location in your home that has a permanent power source.

Although HueBlog is a trusted source for Philips Hue news. I have reached out to Signify with my own questions and to seek Clarity. When I hear from them, I will update this article with more information. But right now, it looks like users hoping for Thread support are going to be disappointed.

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  1. I’m sure Hue will eventually have Thread bulbs, but clearly it’s much easier to have a thread hub, and most thread bulbs means all new bulbs, and if they announced they were planning thread bulbs most everyone would stop buying the existing bulbs knowing they wouldn’t be future proof. So I’m sure they will eventually but they won’t announce it until they are ready to release them (and drained their existing inventory), and until they are sure it’s 100% reliable.


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