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The latest HomeKit reviews for your smart home needs. Including smart lights, smart locks, smart cameras & more. HomeKit buying advice so you get the best.

Philips Hue Smart Plug review

Philips Hue Smart Plug review

Philips Hue has been around for a fair amount of time now with its smart lighting products, and they do this pretty well. Last...
Eve Cam review

Eve Cam Review – HomeKit Secure Video camera

Eve, the HomeKit exclusive accessory manufacturer, announced the Eve Cam back at CES 2020. The camera that only works with HomeKit and HomeKit Secure...
eufy indoor camera pan & tilt review

eufy Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt 2K Review – Best HomeKit Secure Video camera

HomeKit enabled cameras have been the dominate accessories category in 2020 with several options hitting the market. But eufy, in particular, has been on...
Soma Smart shades 2 review

Soma Smart shades 2 review – Solid HomeKit enabled blind control

Soma is back with a new version of its smart shades product, which they claim has a 4x faster motor and with a lower...
HomeKit iOS 14 walkthrough

Hands on with HomeKit in iOS 14 – Detailed walkthough

Yesterday Apple announced the new features coming to HomeKit in iOS 14. These include face detection for its HomeKit Secure Video offering, HomePod and...
Rio Arc Review

Rio Arc Review – Worlds first HomeKit electric heater

While HomeKit for 2020 has been dominated by smart cameras so far. We seem to have a break in that with the world's first...
netatmo smart outdoor camera siren review

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with siren review

HomeKit cameras seem to be coming thick and fast in 2020 with several manufacturers releasing entirely new smart camera models. However, Netatmo has taken...
Eve Flare review HomeKit

Eve Flare Review – Portable HomeKit smart light

Lighting is a big part of my HomeKit home, in fact I have over 40 smart light devices. But all my current lighting requires...
Logitech Circle View review

Logitech Circle View Review – Everything you need to know

Logitech has revealed the Circle View to succeed the Circle 2 camera. The new smart camera works exclusively with HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video....
Eve Extend review

Eve Extend review – Improve HomeKit Bluetooth range

Many of Eve's HomeKit devices work over Bluetooth, and while they often work fine. Users have complained about Bluetooth connectivity performance and limited range....

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