Rio heating to launch worlds first HomeKit Convector Heater

Rio heating is set to launch the worlds first HomeKit compatible Convector Heater. The Rio Arc looks like a traditional convection heater with its modern look and super slim curved glass finish. But offers smart home connectivity from the main 3 smart home platforms.

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Rio heating has utilised a unique heating element that the company claims can reduce heating costs by up to 40%. To help blend in with your environment it features a sleek, super-slim curved glass finish of the ARC adds a stunning modern look to your home or office. The Arc works with Apple HomeKit, but is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.

The Arc uses built in Wi-Fi connected to Rio servers that remove the need for a separate hub in the home. This means it will connect to HomeKit and other smart home platforms with no hassle. As it is compatible with HomeKit, You will be able use Siri voice commands to control your heating or Home automations.Rio Arc HomePod Smart home

The Rio Arc also has Multi Room functionality, which allows you to add multiple Arcs. But each can be either individually or collectively controlled. Which means you can set different times, different heat levels. Just like with other heat control devices like tado.

Rio heating has said they are aiming to get the Arc out and available to customers by March of this year. Pricing for the Arc Rio is going to be £249 with more information, visit Rio’s website.

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