Roborock brings Matter and Apple Home support to the S8 MaxV Ultra

Roborock Apple Home and Matter
At CES 2024, Roborock unveiled its latest range of intelligent home vacuum cleaners, introducing flagship models the S8 MaxV Ultra, S8 Max Ultra, with the former equipped with Matter and Apple Home support.

Both models of the the S8 Max series introduces a FlexiArm design for the side brush, leveraging a robotic arm and an enhanced spinning mop to adeptly navigate tight spaces, ensuring up to 99% coverage in corners.

S8 MaxV Ultra

But the jewel in the crown, the S8 MaxV also features a fresh voice assistant for operating the vacuum without an additional smart device, 10,000 Pa suction power, which is one of most powerful on the market. It also will be compatible with Matter and Apple Home A new camera allows for AI-driven obstacle avoidance with LADAR and video calling capabilities.

The robot’s mopping system is receiving an upgrade, incorporating an additional spinning mop alongside the flat, vibrating mopping pad. The pad is now capable of vibrating at a faster rate (4,000 times per minute) to thoroughly clean your hard floors. Additionally, it can elevate by 20mm to avoid carpets while performing its vacuuming and mopping functions—a substantial improvement compared to the 5mm lift of the S8 Pro.

S8 Max Ultra

The Roborock S8 Ultra which is similar hardware-wise and works with the new dock, but it doesn’t have the camera and has a lower 8,000 Pa of suction. It also doesn’t have the voice assistant or support Matter. So if you want to control via Apple Home you need to pay extra for the MaxV Ultra.

RockDock Ultra

The new RockDock Ultra that is compatible with the MaxV and Max offers a multifunctional station that not only empties the dustbin but also handles water replenishment, dispenses detergent, hot-washes the mop, and employs heated air to dry it post-cleaning. This advanced station integrates a dirt sensor, intelligently signalling when re-washing or re-mopping becomes necessary.Roborock HomeKit and Matter

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Matter and Apple Home Robot vacuum

If you purchase the MaxV Ultra you get seamless compatibility with Apple’s Home app. This means that these new robo vacuum from Roborock will enable functionality in the Home app. So users should be able to remote start and stop, along with activating various cleaning modes including support for wet mopping. Users will also receive notifications when clean cycle is complete  concerning and error reporting, along with charging status.

The S8 MaxV Ultra is set to retail at $1799.99, while the S8 Max Ultra will be priced at $1599.99 upon its anticipated availability in April.

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