Schlage Encode Plus with Home Key support now available




The Schlage Encode Plus deadbolt smart lock that supports Apple HomeKit. It is also the first Home Key in the US along with Thread.

The deadbolt lock that retrofits onto your existing door and will come in a variety of finishes and designs. The lock is available in a more traditional Camelot design or the more modern Century option. It will also feature a keypad and a manual lock.

The Schlage Encode Plus can connect to your smart home either via Wi-Fi or Thread. Using the latter means the smart lock can connect to HomeKit over Thread when used with a HomePod mini or the new Apple TV 4K. Connecting over Thread can offer a far more stable connection and improved battery performance.

Power is provided by 4 AA batteries and when the smart lock is connected over Wi-Fi, will last about 3- 4 months. But using the Schlage Encode with HomeKit over Thread, this jumps to 1 year.

Apple HomeKit and Home Key

The Schlage Encode Plus supports Apple HomeKit. So at its basic level, users can operate the door lock with the Home App and include it in automations. However, the most attractive feature of the Schlage Encode Plus is Home Key support. Which enables users to open the door with a virtual key in the Wallet App on iPhone or Apple Watch. This feature uses NFC very much in the same way when making a purchase using your device.

Home Key has two modes for unlocking via your iPhone or Apple Watch. The first is called Express Mode where you don’t have to unlock or authenticate your iPhone or Apple Watch. The second was is a little more secure and require Face ID or Passcode, which adds the step of authenticating with Face ID or Touch ID.

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if your phone or watch battery is dying, you can still unlock the door with the Power Reserve feature. This allows you to unlock your door for up to five hours after the red Power Reserve icon appears on an Apple Watch or iPhone.

Schlage Encore Plus availability and pricing

The Schlage Encode Plus is available now via HomeDepot and starts at retail for $299. It is only available in the US and Canda and Schlage has no plans to sell this out of these regions.

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  1. Where did you get the information about it working with Thread? I can’t seem to find it anywhere including Schlage’s own website.

    • I was told directly by the PR team. Additionally the specs in the manual mention it. Finally a few reviews also mention thread support

  2. You mentioned that it’s available in Canada but the marketing email Schlage sent out only refers me to US retailers which don’t ship to Canada. The same retailers in Canada don’t have it listed and the Schlage Canada website lists this product as coming in the spring. Do you have any info on where this lock can be purchased in Canada?


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