Signals for HomeKit gets major makeover for iOS 14




Formerly known as Home Flash has now been rebranded to Signals for HomeKit with a fresh new design, and support for the latest iOS 14 features. The app can create quick actions that can make HomeKit lighting accessories flash.

Signals for HomeKit is an app that creates attention grabbing lighting effects along with colour. The app can create signals to get attention of family members like announcing dinner is ready or when its time to leave for school. The app allows you to create the following light effects for individual devices for free.

  • Flash which slowly fades the selected lights in and out
  • Pulse which has a faster and shorter pattern
  • Hold, which will change the selected lighting devices to a solid color for a preset amount of time. Once the time is complete, the device will then return to its original state.

iPad also gets some love in version 2.0 of the app. This includes a revamped interface, complete with a new Side Bar navigation menu.

While the app is free and you get all the features mentioned, which allows you to interact with individual lights. But to group them together, save reusable Signals., Siri shortcuts and new widget controls. You need to upgrade to the Signals plus which is $4.99/£4.99. The one time purchase will give you the ability to use signals created within the app directly on the Home Screen via iOS 14’s widget feature. additionally you can also use Siri Shortcuts on your iOS device or via Siri voice control.Signals for HomeKit widgets iOS 14

Signals for HomeKit is available now as a free download on the App Store, and a onetime in app purchase of $4.99/£4.99 will unlock full functionality. You can also find more details on other apps by the developer.

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