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Following on from the Soma Smart Shades, Soma has announced an updated model called Soma Smart Shades 2. The new device boosts HomeKit support, a faster motor and Light Sense AI technology. As with their existing device, the device connects to your Roller or Venetian blinds, via the cord. The new model looks identical to the existing model, which we reviewed back in January.

Over the last few months, the existing model has been on sale and finally sold on the Soma website. Leading to speculation that the company was going out of business. However, Soma reached out to us to let us know the new Soma shades 2 will arrive in March.

One the biggest complaints in the review I found was the speed in which the motor operated. However, the new model features a faster motor, in fact four times faster. It also features a Quiet Morning mode, which operates the blind motor at a reduced speed and keeps the noise down.

New feature

It also comes with a solar-powered lithium battery, with a battery life of up to 30 days. But the most interesting feature is that the Soma Smart Shades 2 will come with a new Light Sense AI technology. This enables the smart shades to lower or raise the blinds according to the amount of ambient light. This is a feature user’s expressed they would have liked with the Ikea smart blinds.

Like the original model, the Soma smart blinds 2 will not officially be HomeKit certified. Although HomeKit support is possible through optional Soma Connect hub, which runs on a Raspberry PI running custom firmware to enable support.

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You can preorder the Smart Shades 2 for an introductory price of  US$119.00, that’s $30 off the normal price. For that you you get the device itself, along with a solar panel to charge the lithium battery, and an USB charging cable. If you want to enable HomeKit support, then you need the Soma Connect hub, which is listed as US$49.00.

Although the new device boosts improved speed and the new Light Sense AI technology. I would hold off until reviews are in, to ensure that they have addressed the shortcomings in the previous device.

You can find more information on Soma’s website. Don’t forget to subscribe for when the review lands. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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