Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Streaming stick and set-top box added to HomeKit in iOS 14 GM build

First spotted by Twitter user @HerrSupereg, it looks like Apple have added new HomeKit categories to HomeKit in iOS 14 GM. The two new device categories are Streaming stick and Set-top box for HomeKit.

The same person spotted to the new categories back in iOS 14 Beta 5 back in August, but it contained no icons in that build. So this recent development is very interesting, as Apple has been rumoured to be working on a streaming stick.

However, other than the Category Ids which are Set-Top Box: 35 Streaming Stick: 36. There is absolutely no clues what products might launch as part of this development for HomeKit. According to @HerrSupereg, the devices are controlled like a regular HomeKit TV,.

These new HomeKit categories being added to iOS 14 GM, could mean a manufacturer has something in the works. But maybe Apple has added new icons and options for companies to these device types to HomeKit.


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