Switch announces Matter & HomeKit support for its K10+ & S10 robot vacuums

SwitchBot HomeKit robot vacuum via Matter

SwitchBot a leading maker of smart home products has announced Matter support will be coming its K10+ and S10 robot vacuums in January 2024. This follows on from Matter 1.2 becoming available to developers to bring new product categories into Matter. This announcement also means that the SwitchBot robot vacuums will be one of the first HomeKit robot vacuums enabling control in the Apple Home App.

When the update to the K10+ and S10 robot vacuums arrives in January 2024, users will be able to remote start and stop, along with activating various cleaning modes including support for wet mopping. Users will also receive notifications when clean cycle is complete and error reporting, along with charging status. All this control will be available in the Apple Home App via Matter.

SwitchBot Mini Robot Vacuum K10+ available in the US and Europe

Along with this announcement, SwitchBot spokesperson Sean Tan also confirmed to HomeKit Authority that the K10+ is now available in the US and Europe.

The K10+ distinguishes itself in the market with its compact design, being 50% smaller than conventional vacuum cleaners. But that’s not its only feature – this petite yet powerful vacuum cleaner provides up to 90% more cleaning coverage by efficiently reaching and cleaning hard-to-access areas. Thanks to its compact and flexible nature, the K10+ effortlessly navigates and cleans corners, spaces under tables, sofas, and beds, addressing areas that larger robots find challenging to reach.

Besides vacuuming, K10+ can freshen your floors with its mopping feature. It uses disposable cleaning pads ensuring a clean and hygienic mop every time. The mopping pads can be conveniently replaced whenever needed.

  • Advanced SLAM navigation for meticulous route planning, ensuring complete coverage of each room.
  • Four different levels of suction suitable for different levels of dirt. max 2500PA
  • A rubber-hair integrated roller brush that removes dust from floor gaps.
  • Automatically returns to base station for charging when the battery is low, then goes back to where it left off to continue cleaning.
  • One charge can cover a maximum cleaning area of 120 square meters.
  • Scheduled cleaning and remote start cleaning options.
  • Ability to cross obstacles up to 2cm.
  • Intelligent cliff detection to prevent falls.
  • Child lock features.
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In celebration of the launch, a 20% discount will be offered on K10+ today until the end of Black Friday (November 10th – November 27th). This special promotion allows customers to purchase this robot vacuum for just $399.99, a significant markdown from its regular MSRP at $499.99. Link here to Amazon

We will of course be reviewing the K10+ robot vacuum once Matter and HomeKit support arrives. So don’t forgot to check back closer to the time.



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