Tado smart thermostat starter kit deal

Amazon has a great deal on the Tado smart Thermostat starter kit. The starter kit supports HomeKit HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home. The starter kit includes, a smart thermostat, tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat and the tado bridge. This deal knocks the smart thermostat down to £159.99, which is £20 of its usual price.

Tado is also offering a similar deal for German resisdents with a discount avaiable also. However the starter kit in germany includes the smart thermostat and hot water control unit at €195.

Key Features

  • Control your heating from anywhere with the tado° app on your phone. Giving you a clear overview of your climate History and savings.
  • Reduce your energy consumption, save money, and enjoy the perfect room temperature at all times With help from intelligent skills: geofencing, open window detection, and weather adaptation.
  • Auto-assist: for even more comfort you can automate Geo fencing and open window detection (available in-app, 2.99/month, 24.99/year, cancel anytime).
  • Smart Home INTEGRATION and voice control for your heating with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and the Google Assistant.
  • For homes with an existing thermostat wired to a Combi boiler (I.E. No hot water tank). includes two Smart Radiator Thermostats for multi-room control.

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