TP-Link reveals video door lock with HomeKey support

TPLink Smart Video Door Lock, the Tapo DL130 HomeKey

TP-Link revealed its Smart Video Door Lock, the Tapo DL130, during CES 2024. This device is compatible with HomeKit and offers support for seven distinct unlocking methods, including Apple HomeKey.

The smart lock incorporates a 2K 5MP integrated video doorbell offering a 180-degree view. Although TP-Link has not mentioned if it will support HomeKit Secure Video Alongside, it boasts a speaker capable of playing pre-recorded messages to visitors and a spotlight designed for night vision. Additionally, it includes a door sensor that automatically locks when the door is closed.

When it comes to connectivity, there’s no mention of whether it uses WiFi. However, considering it’s also a video doorbell, WiFi would likely be necessary due to the bandwidth required for video, rather Thread.

TP-Link has yet to disclose pricing or a specific release date but has indicated that it will be available soon.

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