Twinkly Dots LED light string announced

Twinky Dots is a LED string which is similar to the Strings product from the company. As with the other Twinkly generation 2 smart LED products, these will work with HomeKit along with the Twinkly app.

Dots combine the versatility of classic LED strings with the refined look and feel of premium interior decorative lighting. The Twinkly Dots are a miniaturised design with a pill-shaped matte LED bulbs that can diffuse 16 million colours at 360 degrees. They can be wrapped around any object or stuck to surfaces using adhesive pads. Twinkly Dots HomeKit

The Twinkly Dots come in 3 models with either 33 feet and 200 RGB lights or 66 feet and 400 RGB lights. Twinkly are also shipping a USB version that features 60 LEDs, which is Twinkly’s first product that can be USB-powered. All three models connect to your smart home network via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They’re rated IP44, so you can use them equally indoors or outdoors. Both black and white wiring will be available, depending on your needs.

HomeKit and Razor Chroma support

As with other generation 2 products, the Twinkly Dots will work with HomeKit. This means you will be able to control them in the home app and include them in automations and scenes. Additionally you can use the Twinkly Dots in the Twinkly App which I found a lot better for controlling the Twinkly strings. This is because the advanced lighting affects are only available in the Twinkly app.

But even gaming PCs via Razer Chroma and the HP Omen Light Studio. This means the lights can react to whatever game you’re playing. Which is an ideal application for the USB version of the Twinkly Dots.

Twinkly says the Dots will start shipping sometime in Q1 of 2022. But they have not confirmed pricing at this stage. Don’t forget to subscribe for to be notified of the latest HomeKit News, reviews and tutorials. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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