U-Tec announce Bolt NFC smart lock with HomeKit and Home Key support

U TEC Bolt NFC HomeKit and Home key smart lock

U-Tec a relative unknown smart home manufacturer has announced at CES 2024 a new smart lock that works with HomeKit and Home Key, the Bolt NFC.

The Bolt NFC works seamlessly with both Apple HomeKit and Apple HomeKey. This means you can effortlessly unlock it using Siri, the Apple Home app, or a HomeKey-compatible iPhone or Apple Watch (iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 4, or later) by simply tapping the front of the lock. While it does feature a standard keyhole, thanks to Apple HomeKey, you’ll probably only need the keys in rare emergency situations.U TEC Bolt NFC

Equipped with a keypad built into the lock itself, the Bolt NFC locks offer passcode capabilities for individual users among various other access options. Bolt NFC utilise integrated WiFi modules, without the need for an additional hub. However, no word on if the Bolt NFC will support Matter.

The Bolt NFC smart lock is aimed squarely at the North America, where deadbolts are commonly used. Fitting or replacing a standard deadbolt won’t be complex; you’ll only need to work with a few screws for installation. Additionally, it will be powered by eight AA batteries.

The U-Tec Bolt NFC smart lock will be priced at $249 and should be available in the next few months.

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