Ultion smart lock with HomeKit and Alexa support – hands on

Ultion Smart lock with HomeKit and Alexa support

This week I attended Fitshow 2019 to check out the smart tech being shown off. While lots of it is a take on existing stuff on the market, that will no doubt fail. One stood out stood out, the Ultion Smart lock that brings together Danalock technology with Ultion 3 star security and Sweet door furniture. The smart lock also supports HomeKit, Alexa and IFTTT, so it spoils you for choice with smart home options it works with.

Please note – This Ultion smart lock hands on review is just that, I typically do my reviews on final devices with final firmware. These reviews have longer test periods and will normally take place at my location. This review took place in a conference centre with the conditions out of my control. However, I want to point out that the units I had my time with all appeared to be near final production devices.

You can read more on our review promise, now that’s out of the way, lets get into the detail.

Ultion Smart lock design

  • Danalock integrated into the lock components
  • Fits any lock system with euro cylinder.
  • Weather-proof components.
  • Manual key override

Brisant secure the company behind Ultion lock and has taken the Danalock and built this into its door furniture (the external bit of the door lock). By doing so, the company claims it will make installation easier and offer its Ultion 3 star security cylinder.

Ultion smart lock installs in the same way you would any new door locking system. in terms of lock support, Ultion smart will support any locking system that uses a euro-cylinder. You will also be able to get a version that supports mortice locks.

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For those of you that also prefer a traditional key, you are in luck with this smart lock which is sometimes a missing feature.

App and features

  • HomeKit, Alexa and Bluetooth support
  • Auto-lock feature
  • Choice of 5 external colours.

In terms of app and smart features, Ultion smart has took the Danalock app rather than building their own. So by doing this, the smart lock gets the powerful smart features like Auto-unlock, Auto-lock, Auto-Open and Twist assistance.

These features are aimed at making life easier from using geo-location to open the door, or having piece of mind knowing the door has been locked when you have left.Ultion Smart lock danalock


In terms of other features, the Ultion smart comes with;

  • Great Battery Life of over 12 months
  • Send Remote Keys to people (Not on HomeKit)
  • Integrates with the AirBnB app, great for a holiday home
  • Weather tested door fittings to 32x standard
  • Choice of 5 external colours – with the option to use your own door fittings externally.

In terms of the lock cylinder, it comes with the following

  • £1000 security guarantee – Not found on any other smart lock (that I know of)
  • Lockdown Mode snap protection
  • 20 points of drill protection
  • Free Ultion Key Control security
  • TS007 3* Kitemark

So as you can see, some impressive features and this is all possible because of the combination of the Danalock integrated with the companies own hardware.

Ultion Smart HomeKit and Alexa

  • HomeKit support
  • Alexa Support
  • Zigbee support
  • iOS and Android

As with the Danalock, the Ultion smart works with Alexa, IFFTT and Zigbee smart hubs like Samsung SmartThings. You will also be able to use Ultion smart with HomeKit and get remote access when using an Apple TV or HomePod as a hub.

Its worth noting that the Ultion Smart comes in 3 versions meaning, if you buy the HomeKit version then you don’t get the Zigbee support or vice versa.Ultion smart lock options

First impressions of the Ultion smart lock

I had some hands-on time with the Ultion smart lock and I have to it looks sleek and well designed. They have integrated the Danalock into the door furniture system really well.

Speaking with one of the founders and Director Steve Stewart, he explained that “the idea from the start was to keep make the lock as simple as possible to install, but offer the Ultion 3 star security cylinder.”

I also like the fact you can still use a traditional key if required and this will come in handy if the batteries die in the Smart lock.

Pricing and availability

Ultion smart is available for pre-order for £229.99 via its website today with shipping 1st July in the UK market. Other markets such as the US and Europe may happen later in 2019.

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Jon Ratcliffe
I have a huge passion for technology having worked in the sector for over 18 years in a variety of roles. I write for active JR covering wearables and smart home My reviews and information will talk about how the product works in reality and not just what the marketing departments want you to think.
    • Not had enough time with either so it would not be fair, but what I know so far.

      Well the Avia has the Ultion lock, so in terms of security both are the same. The Ultion uses Danalock and the Avia use its own tech.

      Danalock on its own can be troublesome.

    • Hey Adam, thanks for the nice comment!

      You dont need a Apple TV/HomePod to use the HomeKit version. If your iOS device is in Bluetooth range then you can operate the smart lock. However in order to use the remote control features of HomeKit then you do need a Apple Hub device such as a Apple TV or HomePod

    • Looks like it only effects the HomeKit and Zigbee/Z-Wave versions. I suspect the pricing was corrected to reflect those features. I will find out though

    • While the installation is pretty simple from the video I saw. You will be able to buy this lock from many installation partners.

  1. Can’t wait for the full review! Your “hands on” is like most sites full reviews! Any time frame on the review?

    • Cheers, full review is going to be about a month after I have one on my door, I would say a 2 months from now as I need to get out of one.

      SmartSteve! That could be a website name

  2. The electronic keys you can send to friends do they charge for them like yale do…. which coincidentally is the reason why I didn’t buy one….


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