Update to Logitech Circle 2 brings light and occupancy sensors




Logitech has announced a new firmware update for the Circle 2 camera that adds occupancy and light sensors exposed to HomeKit. The updated firmware only applies to cameras running the current beta for HomeKit Secure Video.

The two new sensors that will appear in the Home app once the update is applied adding to the existing motion sensor. The first is an occupancy that works as an alternative to its motion sensor. Along with an ALS based light sensor that measures light levels in your environment.

Logitech has stated that users can use the occupancy sensor to in automations and notifications, but not for recordings. They also state that the new sensor will not will not work when the camera is placed behind a window.

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The Firmware version 8.2.43 will start this week via an automatic update. If you using a HomeKit Secure Router and have your devices locked down. Then you will need to have cameras set to automatic or no restriction. This will allow your camera to check for the update and download it.

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  1. Hi!
    I have 3 Circle 2 in my house. All of them are running HomeKit Secure Video.
    Only one circle 2 has updated to firmware 8.2.43. The others still running 8.0.48
    What I have to do to update the others?

    • It’s rolling out this week and it’s just a wait and see process. I have 2 in my home and none of them have received it yet


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