Vocolinc Flowerbud HomeKit enabled diffuser review

Apple’s HomeKit platform has slowly expanded to support a variety of device categories since its launch in 2014. However, one category that has lacked focus is HomeKit humidifiers. But to help fill that gap, the Vocolinc Flowerbud is available. Although Apple lists the Vocolinc Flowerbud as a humidifier, Vocolinc itself markets the device as a diffuser. So continue reading this in-depth Vocolinc Flowerbud review to see how it stacks up as HomeKit humidifier and diffuser in one device.

As with all our reviews, we try to be transparent with how we got the device. For this Vocolinc Flowerbud review, HomeKit Authority purchased the device directly from Amazon. However, we have spoken with Vocolinc around several points to complete the review. But Vocolinc did not get early access to the review and are reading at the same time as you. You can read more on our review promise and ethics statement.

Vocolinc Flowerbud features

  • Price £59.99 in the UK, $49.99 in the US, and €59.99 in the EU.
  • Multicolour LED Lighting – up to 16 million colours and cool to warm whites
  • Automatic shutdown when the tank is empty
  • 300ml water tank capacity with a run time of up to 8 hours.
  • Works with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Rooms up to 30 m2

In the box

  • Vocolinc Flowerbud
  • Charging block with UK and EU adapter included.
  • Water jug
  • User manual

Vocolinc Flowerbud review in pictures

Vocolinc Flowerbud design

Out of the box, the FlowerBud Smart Diffuser is tall and curvy design. If I am honest, the marketing pictures do not do it justice and looks better in reality. The device is split into two parts with a base and an upper part which resembles a blooming flower. The entire unit stands 10-inch tall and at its widest is 6.5-inch and is made of plastic.Vocolinc Flowerbud design

The base which holds all the smart tech and is a storage for the water, which you can use with or without essential oils. The water reservoir holds 300 ml of water and features a LED light underneath that helps illuminate the base and the upper part of the Flowerbud. On the front are two buttons to turn the light on or off and to control the diffuser mist.Vocolinc Flowerbud buttons

Underneath the base, you’ll find a port to connect the power plug, and elevated rubber feet which makes it easy to feed the cord through.Vocolinc flowerbud base

Then there is the top portion that sits upon the base which is used to channel the mist via a small hole at the very top. This top portion is easily placed into position without the need to screw or snap it into place. When the top part is in place and Vocolinc Flowerbud is turned on, the light is visible around the base and the upper part.

In terms of accessories, the Flowerbud comes with a plastic water jug which takes 2 goes to fill it to the max water line. Finally, you also get a 1 meter long power cable with a UK and EU adapter.Vocolinc Flowerbud contents

Vocolinc Flowerbud HomeKit setup

Once the base of the FlowerBud is plugged in you, then need to fill up the water reservoir to a safe capacity. The water reservoir holds 300 ml of water and features a max fill line to keep you right. If you want to add some essential oils you can do so, but only 100% natural essential oils.Flowerbud add to HomeKit

You then need to download the Vocolinc app called Linkwise from the App store for your iOS device. Once downloaded open the app and then tap the “Add Device” button. This will bring up the familiar HomeKit screen that lets you scan the HomeKit code. The HomeKit setup process will take you through adding to a room, naming the device and other setup steps.

Once setup, the Vocolinc Flowerbud will be available in the Home App and the Linkwise app for you to control.

Using the Vocolinc Flowerbud

To operate the Vocolinc Flowerbud, you have the option of using the Linkwise app, Home App, or the controls on the device itself. For this review I tested it with both apps and the controls on the unit to understand how it works with all scenarios.

First, using it with the physical buttons featured on the base with one used to operate the mood light and the other for mist control. Pressing the ‘light’ switch turns the light on and off. If you perform a long press, you can cycle through a few basic colours.

Turning to the mist button, which offers more functionality. At the basic level pressing it, you can cycle through three modes. The first is for low level diffusion, pressing again will give you a higher level of diffusion, then a third press will turn the diffuser off.Vocolinc Flowerbud buttons

Besides operating the mist levels, if you long press on the button it will cycle through preset timers. These range from 2hrs, 4hrs and 6hrs. Finally, if you ever need to reset the device, holding down both switches together will eventually reset the device to factory settings.

Linkwise app

You can also perform these functions in Vocolinc’s LinkWise app and more, so let’s have a look at that.

To get to the FlowerBud settings in the app, you have to long press on the device’s icon. Although you may need to hunt around for the device if you have lots of HomeKit devices connected.

In the control section, I could control the mist levels of the FlowerBud on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest and the 5 being the highest mist setting. I also could customise the light colour and level just like with any smart light. You can also setup weekly schedule and set a timer for the diffuser to turn off with a range of 30 minutest to 8 hours.Vocolinc Flowerbud app

Then you have the “moments” tab, which gives you more colour options by selecting the colour wheel or temperature range. You can also select from light effects from breath, blink and flow. These give you different combinations of light changing effects with different intervals, colours and brightness options. I liked the flow affect especially at night time to provide a gentle mood light in my living room.

You can also activate schedules on the Flowerbud to turn on and off at certain times with an option for controlling mist levels and target humidity.

Finally, you have a settings tab that you can rename the device, set target humidity and settings related to HomeKit.

It is worth noting because HomeKit treats the Flowerbud has a humidifier. You need to ensure that you set the relative humidity level to the appropriate live in HomeKit or the Linkwise app. For instance, if you have lowered the slider all the way to 0% in the Home App. Then operating the Flowerbud within the Linkwise app will not work.

Vocolinc Flowerbud in HomeKit

So moving on to using the Flowerbud in HomeKit and the Home app. Although Apple lists the Vocolinc Flowerbud as a humidifier, Vocolinc itself markets the device as a diffuser. But because the diffuser category does not exist in HomeKit, Vocolinc expose the Flowerbud as a humidifier.

If you force touch on the device tile in the Home app, you’ll bring up a humidity and colour control bar. For the humidity allows you to increase to anywhere between 0 percent and 100 percent. But to be clear this is not controlling the speed of the mist out of the Flowerbud, it’s the target humidity for the room.

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So, for example, at one point my living room was 49% according to the Eve degree., so I turned up the FlowerBud’s humidifying level to 55% and this turned on the Flowerbud and the mist flowed from the spout at the top. This flow would then continue until it reaches the current relative humidity detected by the Vocolinc Flowerbud.Vocolinc Flowerbud HomeKit control

So as long as you keep in mind that this is treated this as a humidifier in HomeKit. Then it’s relatively easy to set up an automation and just let it run. Which is fairly straightforward as my living room sits between 45% and 55%. I set the FlowerBud to turn on every morning at 8:30 and evening at 18:30 to 65 percent humidity, and it ran for one hour. This automation allowed the Vocolinc Flowerbud to diffuse and freshen up the room. Also leaving the target humidity at 65%, allowed me to turn on the Flowerbud if I wanted at random times in the day.

HomeKit light

For the light side of things, HomeKit treats the FlowerBud similar to any HomeKit light. So you can use the slider to adjust its brightness of the light or pick a new colour. Vocolinc states that there are 16 million colours to choose from. In my testing the accessory displayed a great colour range which nice selection of warm and bright colours.Vocolinc Flowerbud HomeKit humidifier

You can also use the light in automation and scenes like any other HomeKit light. I set it up to come on in the existing automation when the Flowerbud mist flow was activated. But you can use the light without the diffuser feature.

Siri commands

Siri commands would work like any other HomeKit device and can be used with any device that supports Siri. I have found that Siri commands work well, particularly with Siri on HomePod, I have had no trouble with Siri understanding my commands for the diffuser. Although you must remember to rename the device in the Home App to diffuser for it to respond.


While Vocolinc recommends you place the FlowerBud in a room that measures 30 square meters or less. I found the device more than capable of handling my living room as a diffuser, which is 40 square meters. Although Vocolinc does not market this as a humidifier, it did a reasonable job of increasing the humidity levels from 47% to 56% within about 1 hour. I also tested this in my HomeKit test room that I normally use for cameras, which is just short of 60 square meters and it performed well as a diffuser.

The device itself is silent, but when you’re close enough to it, you will hear droplets of water bubbling occasionally. One of the other things I like is that the mist that comes out is not hot and neither is the water in the water reservoir. Although I expected nothing different, it’s worth pointing this out to those that have not used a diffuser before. This is useful if you wanting to place this in a home with small children or inquisitive pets that may knock it over.Vocolinc Flowerbud colour

Vocolinc states that the 300ml water reservoir will last for around 8 hours and the first time I filled it took five full days for the water to deplete fully. Each of those days the FlowerBud ran for between 2 and 3 hours at a time. The only thing I needed to do in that time was add more essential oils to increase the aroma as desired. So, based on this testing, the Flowerbud easily achieves its run time and more. The other cool feature is that if the water runs out. The Vocolinc Flowerbud will emit a double beep and shut off and prevent any damage.

Vocolinc Flowerbud review conclusion

So when I first considered buying the Vocolinc Flowerbud for the review, I was not sold on the design from the marketing pictures. However, now it’s been in my home, it fits well in its place next to the TV. I think the design fits into any modern home, and it does not feel or look cheap.

The fact it is is easy to set up is a real plus for this device with setup being completed in under 10 minutes from opening the box. This for me is a genuine test for any device I buy, regardless if it’s HomeKit or not. Things these days things should not require a degree in astrophysics to get started.Vocolinc Flowerbud review HomeKit Diffuser

While the Vocolinc app is not the best laid out and it could do with an update to make it easier to understand.  Vocolinc informs me they plan to deliver an update for Q4 this year and this will be across all the product range. But the Linkwise app has some pleasant features, like the ability to control the mist flow speed and colour effects with the Home app lacks.

But if I am honest, I preferred using the Vocolinc Flowerbud in the Home App and HomeKit. This is down to the fact I just set it up in an automation and it was then on autopilot. I also like the fact that you can use the diffuser/humidifier feature independently of the light and vice versa. Plus, if you want to activate the diffuser and the target humidifier is set correctly, then its only a Siri command away from being activated.

Better options?

While the Vocolinc Flowerbud works well as a HomeKit diffuser, as a humidifier it does not fair that well. But to be fair to Vocolinc, they market this as a diffuser first with humidifier capabilities. So if the primary focus is a humidification, then you are better with a dedicated humidifier and a HomeKit smart plug. The other option would be to wait until late October for when the Vocolinc Mistflow smart humidifier arrives. Which is a fully featured humidifier with diffuser capabilities. This device features a larger water reservoir and covers areas up to 40 square meters with a longer run time of 30 hours.Vocolinc MistFlow Smart Humidifier now available

At the start of this review I mentioned that I bought the Vocolinc Flowerbud, so will I keep it. The answer is yes, as a HomeKit diffuser it has performed beyond what I expected and this is a device that I will keep in my HomeKit setup in my Home. In fact, I have ordered a second device for another room in my house that the dog sleeps to help eliminate that dog smell.

Vocolinc Flowerbud review price and availability

The Vocolinc Flowerbud is available for £59.99 in the UK, $49.99 in the US and €59.99 in the EU. You can buy it from Amazon using this link which is affiliate link, and it helps this site produce content and reviews at no extra cost to you.

So that’s a wrap on the Vocolinc Flowerbud review, Don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit reviews. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

Vocolinc Flowerbud review HomeKit Diffuser
Vocolinc Flowerbud HomeKit enabled diffuser review
Review Summary
If you are looking for a HomeKit diffuser, then the Vocolinc Flowerbud is a great option.
Long run time
Can be set and left to run in automations
Not a great humidifer
Recommended product

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