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For those not already familiar with Vocolinc, they are one of the longstanding Homekit committed brands that have aimed to deliver quality products in the affordable price range. The LS2 is the latest addition to the Vocolinc family of products. So our friend at HomeKitGeek Chris Young looks how the device performs in this Vocolinc LS2 review.

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The Vocolinc LS2 is a wifi based colour LED strip. The strip is in the mid brightness range, coming in at 250lm per meter, or 500 lumens for the initial 2 meter length. For those of us where 2m is just not enough, there is also an extension strip available which can push the length of a single LS2 unit to 4m.

Although the Vocolinc LS2, at first glance, seems very similar to other budget LED strips like those available from Koogeek, iHaper, and Santala. Where the Vocolinc LS2 really separates itself is the additional software features.

Vocolinc LS2 review video.

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Vocolinc LS2 review
Vocolinc LS2 review
After having lived with the Vocolinc LS2 for the last couple of months, it's quickly become my favorite cost-conscious Homekit LED strip.
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